Best Rosa build 2024, Star Powers, Gadgets, Tips and Tricks | Brawl Stars

Rosa Brawl Stars Build

Rosa, the ever-resilient gardener with a surprising punch, has blossomed into a formidable brawler in Brawl Stars. Her thick bushes offer strategic refuge, while her explosive Super and thorny glove attacks make her a force to be reckoned with. This guide explores Rosa’s verdant arsenal, revealing the best builds, maps, strategies, and tactics to turn your foes into fertilizer for your victory garden.

Main Stats (Power Level 11)

Damage960 per hit (x3 for each amo)(1200 and super activated with Thorny Gloves)
Range4 tiles
Reload Speed3.0 seconds
Super Charge Rate8% per hit
Super: Strong stuff: Rosa gets a 70% damage shield for 3 seconds making her survivability insane especially in brawl ball when trying to make a goal.

Rosa Hypercharge

Grasping Roots: this hypercharge creates a slow zone around Rosa when she uses her super this slow zone is very similar to emz her super but is half the size this hyper charge is excellent for getting close to enemy brawlers and staying on her targets to secure kills. The boosts rosa gets from her hypercharge are the following: 20% speed 20% damage and 25% shield. Which makes her an excellent pick for all the bushy maps.

Rosa Star Powers

  • Plant life: standing in bushes heals rosa for 300 health per second. This star power turns your bushes into a healing field for yourself, making fights in bushes give you an edge in battle.
  • Thorny Gloves: Increases normal attack damage by 240 per touch and grants Rosa 25%. Ideal for maximizing offensive potential and quickly turning the tide of battle. Great when the map isn’t full of bushes.

Rosa Gadgets

  • Grow Light: Creates a 3 by 3 bush. Great for making rosa hard to find and making her be able assassinate enemy brawlers
  • Unfriendly bushes: deal 300 damage to enemy brawlers that are in bushes and slowing them down for 3 seconds excellent for dinding enemies and making it easy to catch up to enemy brawlers.

Best Maps For Rosa

  • Knockout: Unfriendly Bushes shines on close-quarters maps like Belle’s Rock, turning bushes into deadly choke points and disrupting enemy pushes.
  • Gem Grab: Grow Light excels on maps with central bush clusters, like Double Swoosh. Creating more bushes and making it easier to walk across. Making it easier to get gems and survive longer 
  • Brawl Ball: Plant Life is powerful on maps with strategic bush placements, like Backyard Bowl. Constant health regeneration within bushes makes Rosa a persistent wall in the brawl, contesting ball control and protecting teammates.

Best Teammates For Rosa

  • Sharpshooters: Pairing Rosa with Brock or Piper creates pressure points across the map. Rosa’s bushes provide safe havens for sharpshooters while they pick off enemies from afar.
  • Healers: Pam or Poco enhance Rosa’s survivability and enable even more aggressive plays. The combined healing potential makes the trio an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Tips and Tricks For Rosa

  • Bush Master: Utilize your bushes strategically for offense, defense, and healing. Lure enemies in for surprise attacks, block access points, and create safe havens for yourself and your team.
  • Super Timing: Use your Super offensively to initiate brawls, zone enemies, or secure eliminations. Don’t just use it blindly; wait for the opportune moment to maximize its impact.
  • Gadget Choice: Adapt your Gadget based on the situation. Grow Light shines in bushy plays making better bush placements while the other gadget offers offensive potential when there are a lot of bushes.
  • Embrace the Thorns: Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with Rosa. Her high health and thorny attacks make her a formidable opponent, especially with Thorny Gloves activated.


  • Long-range Brawlers: Brock and Piper can harass Rosa from afar, making it difficult to close the gap and deal damage. Stick to cover and rely on teammates to create opportunities for close-quarters confrontations.
  • Burst Damage Brawlers: Brawlers like Leon and Crow can quickly take down Rosa before she can react. Be aware of your positioning and prioritize eliminating these threats to protect yourself.
  • Area-of-Effect Brawlers: Dynamike and Barley’s explosives can damage Rosa even within bushes, potentially disrupting her strategy. Utilize cover and maneuver strategically to minimize their impact.

Remember, mastering Rosa requires strategic bush usage, timely Super throws, and adapting to the situation. By utilizing this guide and honing your skills, you’ll be turning enemies into compost heaps and blooming into a Brawl Stars champion!

I hope this article provides a comprehensive overview of Rosa in Brawl Stars. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or would like specific details explored further.