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Colette build

Colette, the cheerful tax collector with a dark secret, brings unique charm and devastating damage to the Brawl Stars arena. Her heart-shaped projectiles and fiery Super make her a versatile force to be reckoned with. This guide explores Colette’s arsenal, unveiling the best builds, maps, strategies, and tactics to strike fear into the hearts of your foes.

Main Stats (Power Level 11)

Damage37% of target’s current health (1000 minimum)
Range9.67 tiles
Reload Speed4.0 seconds
Super Charge Rate4 hits
Super: Time to CollectDashes back and forth dealing 20% of target’s current health (1000 minimum) per hit

Colette Hypercharge

Teen spirit: Coletteā€™s spirit follows her in her super making her super deal double damage excellent for killing high value target, killing a team that is bunched up or dealing high amounts of damage to the heist safe. Additionally colette gains the bonus stats of +30% extra speed +25% damage and +15 shield.

Colette Star Powers

  • Push It: Pushes enemy brawlers back with her super. This star power is excellent when fighting assassins and tanks since the super now also gives you a way to survive being close up against a tank and assassins. The star power also excels in hotzone for pushing enemy brawlers out if the zone.
  • Mass Tax: gives a 20% shield to colettes super additionally it adds a 10% extra shield for each enemy hit with her Super. Fantastic for bolstering survivability and creating an immovable object in brawls.

Gadgets For Colette:

  • Na-ah!: Your next attack deals an additional 1500 damage, ignoring its targets current health. Great for finishing off low-health targets and securing crucial eliminations.
  • Gotha:  heals colette for 80% of damage dealt for 5 seconds. Useful for surviving and great when fighting any opponent and great for staying in the zone in hotzone longer.

Best Maps For Colette:

  • Heist: Push It shines in protecting the heist safe.
  • Hot Zone: push it is powerful on maps with single zones, like Dueling Beetles. Pushing enemy brawlers out of the zone and secure the. Zone and swing the game in your favor.

Best Teammates For Colette:

  • Tanks: Brawlers like Bull, Frank, and Rosa benefit from Colette’s ability to draw aggro and deal heavy damage. Her Super can break enemy formations and with push it you can create openings for tanks to push forward or push your enemies into the tanks so they can get close.
  • Healers: Pairing Colette with Pam or Poco enhances her survivability and enables sustained aggression. The extra healing allows her to brawl fearlessly and rack up those heart-shaped kills.
  • Area-of-Effect Brawlers: Dynamike and Barley’s explosives can weaken enemies before Colette arrives, making her finishing blows with Na-ah! even more effective.

Tips and Tricks For Colette:

  • Calculate your shots: Remember, Colette’s damage scales with the enemy’s current health. Prioritize weakened targets for maximum impact.
  • Master the Super: Utilize your Super strategically to break through enemy lines, eliminate key targets. Practice its damage to finish of enemy brawlers.
  • Gadget Choice: Adapt your Gadget based on the situation. Na-ah! is clutch for finishing low-health enemies, while Gotha helps survive against opponents.


  • Long-range Brawlers: Brock and Piper can harass Colette from afar, making it difficult to close the gap and deal damage. Stick to cover and rely on teammates to create opportunities for close-quarters confrontations.
  • Burst Damage Brawlers: Brawlers like Leon can quickly take down Colette before she can react when Colette doesn’t have her super. Be aware of your positioning and prioritize eliminating these threats to protect yourself.

Remember, mastering Colette requires strategic target selection, clever Super usage, and adapting to the situation. By using this guide and honing your skills, you’ll be collecting those juicy wins and leaving your opponents breathless in the dust!

I hope this article provides a comprehensive overview of Colette in Brawl Stars. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or would like specific details explored further.