Best Mico build 2024, Star Powers, Gadgets, Tips and Tricks | Brawl Stars

Mico Brawl Stars Build

Mico the charismatic sound director from Brawlywood, takes center stage in Brawl Stars with his unique jumping attacks and explosive Super. This guide dives deep into optimizing Mico’s playstyle, exploring his best builds, maps, teammates, and strategies to make him the star of the show.

Main Stats

Damage (Main Attack)2130 per strike
Range (Main Attack)4 tiles
Reload Speed8 seconds
Damage (Super)2330
Super Charge Rate20%
Jump Height3 tiles

Star Powers

  • Mic Drop: Landing your main attack on an enemy steals 1 amo from that enemy, allowing for more damage and control.
  • Showmanship: Mico deals double damage on non brawlers like the heist safe and bots in robo rumble and boss fight.


  • Presto!: Extends your next main attack’s range by 34%, allowing you to reach further and surprise enemies.
  • Clipping scream: mico shoots 3 projects forward dealing 545 damage per projectile and slowing the enemy for 2 seconds.

Best Maps

  • Knockout: Mico thrives in close-quarters maps like Belle’s Rock, utilizing his Super to disrupt enemy pushes and secure eliminations.
  • Gem Grab: Presto! shines in maps like Mining Madness, allowing you to steal gems from afar and control the mine effectively.
  • Heist: Showmanship excels in heist maps like Safe Zone, enabling you to double down on Super-powered safecracking.

Mico Best Teammates

  • Tanks: Brawlers like Bull and Frank benefit from mico taking the attention of the enemy brawlers, creating lasting pressure making it so the tanks can get close.
  • Sharpshooters: Pairing Mico with Brock or Piper creates long-range pressure, forcing enemies to approach within Mico’s effective range.
  • Area-of-Effect Brawlers: Dynamike and Barley’s explosives can complement Mico’s zoning potential with his Super, making it so enemies group up and then brawlers like dynamike can attack multiple brawlers at the same time.

Mico Tips and Tricks

  • Master the Jump: Utilize Mico’s unique jumping attack to dodge shots, surprise enemies, and access unexpected angles.
  • Super Timing: Use your Super strategically to initiate fights, zone enemies.
  • Gadget Choice: Adapt your Gadget choice based on the situation. Presto! excels in open maps, while Clipping scream shines in close-quarters brawls and can help starting fights or finishing off enemies when you dont have amo.
  • Play Aggressively: Don’t be afraid to jump into the fray with Mico’s Super. His survivability with his jumps and the potential to control areas with Clipping scream make him a potent offensive force.


  • Long-range Brawlers: Brock and Piper can harass Mico from afar, making it difficult to close the gap and deal damage except when you time your attack perfectly and get close and take them out.
  • Tanks: brawlers like bull and frank can quickly take down Mico before he uses all his amo or they survive while mico has no more amo and they can easily take out Mico since mico’s reload speed is very slow.

Mico Skins



Macaron (29 Gems or 1000 Bling)

Macaron (29 Gems or 1000 Bling)

Grouch (149 Gems or 5000 Bling)

Grouch (149 Gems or 5000 Bling)

Mico Voice Lines

  • “Countdown to chaos!”
  • “Ha ha! I’m the chimp champ, baby!”
  • “Oh! Easy knucklehead.”
  • “Ka-boom, mic!”
  • Yeah, go ahead. Just keep laughing.”
  • “I’m going bananas!”


Mico’s dynamic jump attacks and explosive Super offer high skill potential and rewarding gameplay. By mastering his movement, utilizing his Super strategically, and adapting to the situation, you’ll turn Mico into a versatile showstopper in Brawl Stars. Remember, practice makes perfect, so grab your mic, take center stage, and dominate the battlefield!

I hope this guide provides a comprehensive overview of Mico in Brawl Stars. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or would like specific details explored further. Don’t forget to try out different builds and strategies to find the Mico playstyle that suits you best!