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Kit Brawl Stars Build

Kit the adorable cartoon cat, packs a punch beyond his cuddly exterior. This guide dives deep into optimizing Kit’s playstyle, exploring his best builds, maps, teammates, and strategies to dominate the Brawl Stars battlefield.

Main Stats

StatPower Level 11
Damage1600(4000 when attached to a teammate.)
Range3 tiles(7 to 10 tiles when attached to a teammate.)
Reload Speed2.0 seconds(6 seconds when attached to a teammate
Super Charge Rate25% per attack hit. (Also charges automatically overtime it takes 19 seconds to fully charge his super)

Star Powers

  • Overly Attached: Attaches to friendly Brawlers for 5 seconds longer, gaining increased survivability.
  • Power Hungry: Gains 200% power from each Power Cube, transforming into a late-game beast in showdown.


  • Cheeseburger: Heals himself and the attached friendly Brawler for 40% of their maximum health, clutch for comebacks.
  • Cardboard Box: Hides for 5 seconds, gaining invisibility and 100% faster Super charge making it ideal for assassinating.

Best Maps

  • Knockout: Kit thrives in close-quarters maps like Belle’s Rock, utilizing his Super to disrupt enemy pushes and secure eliminations.
  • Duo Showdown: Power hungry shines in maps like Forsaken Falls, boosting his own damage and health and securing Power Cube advantages.
  • Gem grab: cheese burger and overly attacked work great on maps like double swoosh since kit can stay hidden and if he carries the gems he can just attach on a team member making it harder to kill him and the brawler he is attacked to making him a very safe gem carrier.

Kit Best Teammates

  • Tanks: Kit’s healing complements Brawlers like Bull, Frank and Rosa, extending their brawling prowess.
  • Sharpshooters: Pairing Kit with Brock or Piper creates pressure points, ensuring enemies stay under constant threat and if kit attaches to these kind of brawlers it makes it difficult for assasina to assassinate the brawlers kit is on.
  • Other Healers: Pam or Poco boost the team’s overall HP pool, creating an impregnable fortress.

Kit Tips and Tricks

  • Play aggressively: Don’t be afraid to attach to teammates and push forward, relying on Overly Attached and Cheeseburger for survivability.
  • Super timing: Use your Super strategically to stun key targets, break pushes, or secure last hits.
  • Gadget selection: Adapt your Gadget choice based on the map and mode. Cheeseburger shines in Knockout and Duo Showdown, while Cardboard Box excels in and gem grab and Heist.
  • Power Cube focus: Prioritize picking up Power Cubes for Power Hungry, snowballing into an unstoppable force.


  • Long-range Brawlers: Brock and Piper can harass Kit from afar, making it difficult to attach and heal teammates.
  • Area-of-Effect attacks: Dynamike and Barley’s explosives can damage both Kit and his attached teammate, disrupting his healing potential. 

(Having the gadget Carboard box can help you turn the tide against the brawlers show above)

  • Assassins: Brawlers like Leon and Crow can quickly burst down Kit before he can react, making positioning crucial.

Kit Skins



Billy the (29 Gems or 1000 Bling)

Billy the (29 Gems or 1000 Bling)

Kit Voice Lines

  • “Thrilled to be here, really.”
  • “Have waited all my nine lives for this moment.”
  • “Now, it’s purr-sonal.”
  • “Purr-fect.”
  • “Huh, what a cat-astrophe.”
  • Kit groans
  • “Feline frenzy!”


Mastering Kit requires strategic attachment, timely Super usage, and adapting to the situation. By using this guide and practicing his tricks, you’ll be dominating the battlefield with King Kit in no time! Remember, teamwork makes the dream work, so find the right partner and unleash your inner healing hero!

I hope this article provides a comprehensive overview of Kit in Brawl Stars. For more builds check Brawl Stars Build