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Edgar Brawl Stars

Edgar, the emo brawler with a surprising punch, has carved his place as a formidable assassin in Brawl Stars. His aggressive playstyle and unpredictable jumps demand mastery, but the rewards are undeniable. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to unleash Edgar’s inner demon and dominate the battlefield.

Main Stats (Power Level 11):

Damage2x 1080 (alao has 35% life steal)
Range2.5 tiles
Reload Speed1.5 seconds
Super Charge Rate10% per attack hit (20% per amo super also charges over time fully charging edgar’s super in 60 seconds)
Super: Hardcore HustleJumps a short distance Also gains a 5 second speed boost

Edgar Hypercharge

Outburst: gives Edgar a reload and a super charging speed  upon using his super while hypercharged. This combined with the stat buff edgar gains from the hyper charge which are a 20% speed boost a 25% damage boost and a 25% defense boost make Edgar an amazing brawler with his hypercharge making him beat even more brawlers with his super then he does without his super.

Star Powers

  • Hard Landing: Increases Super damage to 1350 and deals splash damage. Ideal for maximizing burst damage and catching enemies off guard or finishing off an enemy who is almost dead)
  • Fisticuffs: Gains 25% more healing from the damage he deals. Enhances survivability and allows Edgar to sustain himself in extended brawls.


  • Lets fly: Briefly increases super charge speed by 525 for 4 seconds. Great for getting your super and escaping sticky situations or attacking a long ranged brawler.
  • Hardcore: gains a 3300 damage shield which decades over time. Excellent for assassinating enemy brawlers that have a bit more health but don’t deal that much damage. 

Best Maps

  • Knockout: Edgar thrives in close-quarters maps like Belle’s Rock, utilizing his Super to disrupt enemy pushes and secure eliminations. His surprise attacks and high burst damage make him a nightmare for unsuspecting brawlers.

Showdown: The power-up potential of the power cubes shines on a brawler like edgar and he is very good on maps like Cavern Churn or other close-quarters maps. With enough Power Cubes, Edgar becomes unstoppable, and capable of decimating entire teams.

  • Gem Grab: Hard landing and Lets fly work wonders on maps like Double Swoosh. Edgar’s super becomes an invaluable asset, allowing him to assassinate the gem carrier and secure victories.

Edgar Best Teammates

  • Tanks: Brawlers like Bull, Frank, and Rosa benefit from Edgar’s ability to draw aggro and deal heavy damage. His Super can break enemy formations and create openings for tanks to push forward.
  • Sharpshooters: Pairing Edgar with Brock or Piper creates pressure points, forcing enemies to stay under constant threat. His ability to close the gap quickly makes him an ideal protector for long-range brawlers.
  • Other Healers: Pam or Poco boost the team’s overall HP pool, creating an impregnable fortress. Edgar’s healing potential combined with their abilities can turn the tide of battle.

Edgar Tips and Tricks

  • Play Aggressively: Don’t be afraid to jump into the fray with Edgar’s Super. His survivability with his scarf and the potential to control areas with Hard Landing make him a potent offensive force.
  • Master the Jump: Utilize Edgar’s unique jumping super to dodge shots, surprise enemies. This maneuver allows for creative movement and can outplay opponents.
  • Super Timing: Use your Super strategically to initiate fights, zone enemies, or secure last hits. Don’t just use it blindly; wait for the opportune moment to unleash maximum impact.
  • Gadget Selection: Adapt your Gadget choice based on the map and mode. Lets fly excels in open maps, while Hardcore Life shines in close-quarters

Edgar Skins


Blackbird (29 Gems or 1000 Bling)

Blackbird (29 Gems or 1000 Bling)

Mecha (Unit-00) (49 Gems, available after purchasing Mecha Edgar)

Mecha (Unit-00) (49 Gems, available after purchasing Mecha Edgar)

Mecha (Unit-01) (49 Gems, available after purchasing Mecha Edgar)

Mecha (Unit-01) (49 Gems, available after purchasing Mecha Edgar)

Quickdraw (79 Gems or 2750)

Quickdraw (79 Gems or 2750)

Edgar Voice Lines

  • “This is so l.ame.”
  • “Don’t look at me!”
  • “Leave me alone!”
  • “Lul.”
  • “This is so unfair!”
  • Edgar screams
  • “CEO of Brawl Stars.”