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Crow brawl stars default skin

Crow Default skin

Rarity Legendary
Class Assassin
Movements 820
Speed 3000

Crow is a legendary brawler, he shoots his daggers which can deal damage over time, for his super he throws daggers in all direction and jumps into an area, and again throw daggers around his area. He is a pretty offensive player, but be careful his health is not that good, but his long-range and damage makes him a legendary brawler.

Crow fires a trio of poisoned daggers. As a Super move, he leaps, firing daggers both on the jump and on landing!

Crow Brawl Stars Skins

Captain (79 Gems)

Captain (79 Gems)

White (79 Gems)

White (79 Gems)

True Silver (10000 Coins)

True Silver (10000 Coins)

Phoenix (299 Gems)

Phoenix (299 Gems)

Night Mecha (10000 Star Points)

Night Mecha (10000 Star Points)

Gold Mecha (50000 Star Points)

Gold Mecha (50000 Star Points)

Mecha (299 Gems)

Mecha (299 Gems)

True Gold (25000 Coins)

True Gold (25000 Coins)

Crow Brawl Stars Gadgets

Defence Booster: Crow gets a shield for 40% of incoming damage for 3.0 seconds.

Slowing Toxin: All currently poisoned enemies are slowed for 5 seconds.

Crows get a crown on his head to indicate that his gadget is activated and his next attack will slow down the enemy for 5 seconds

Best Gadgets To Use Slowing Toxin

Star power

Extra Toxic

Crow's poison saps the strength of enemies, who deal 25% less damage while poisoned.

Crow's attack will let the enemy deal 25% less damage to the crow, it works like a shield except for the amount of damage decreased will depend on the brawler's level.

Carrion crow:

Crow deals +152 damage with his attack and Super to targets with 50% or less health.

Gears -: Learn more about Gears here

Speed Gear: Gain 15/20/25% speed when moving in bushes

Heal Gear: Heal 100/150/200 when standing still

Damage Gear: Deal 10/15/20% extra damage when you are below 50% health

Resistance Gear: Reduce by 25/30/35% the efficiency and duration of slow and stun effects

Shield Gear: Gain a 300/450/600 HP shield. Shield regenerates a 5% every 0,5 seconds when at full health.

Crow's Best Gear


Best Crow's gears

Crow Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks

Best Star power depends on the gadget you are using

  • for defence booster and extra toxic will make him tanky,
  • and slowing toxic and carrion crow will make him play more aggressively.

too weak:

crow is too weak his health is just equal to tick but his long-range makes him pretty different.

apply constant damage:

crow's dragger lets you deal constant damage, which doesn't let the enemy heal, so try to aim properly, so that enemy always stays at low health and can't push.

play aggressive

crow doesn't have too much health but, his dragger is so poisonous that it lets you deal constant damage to the brawler which is why he is known as an aggressive brawler.

best composition:

crow is a versatile brawler, ie he can played with any brawler, but since he struggles with his so he needs something that heal. so brawlers like byron, pam, and gene is really good


best game mode:

crow is really good in-game modes like gem grab and knockout since he can played aggressive and he is really great in dealing damage and also he can jump back with his super

Crow Brawl Stars Health

Level Health
1 2400
2 2520
3 2640
4 2760
5 2880
6 3000
7 3120
8 3240
9 3360
10 3480
11 3600

health is low be careful

Crow Brawl Stars Normal Attack

Crow throws a triple threat of daggers. Enemies hit by the poisoned blades will take damage over time and have all healing effects reduced for the duration.

crow throws 3 draggers which can deal damage over time

  Level damage Damage[poison effect]
  1 320 80
  2 336 84
  3 352 88
  4 368 92
  5 384 96
  6 400 100
  7 416 104
  8 432 108
  9 448 112
  10 464 116
  11 480 120

crow can be deadly with his attack

Crow brawl stars Super

Crow takes to the skies, throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him both on take-off and landing.

crow shoots dragger around his area and jump, and again throw dragger around his area.

 Level damage Damage[poison effect
 1 320 80
 2 336 84
 3 352 88
 4 368 92
 5 384 96
 6 400 100
 7 416 104
 8 432 108
 9 448 112
 10 464 116
 11 480 120


Crow Brawl Stars voice lines

"Let's settle this beef."
"I'm the boss of bosses!"
"You cockroach!"
"Nice piece of work!"
"Hey, you clipped me."
"I smell a rat."
"Talk is cheap."
"Woah woah woah!"
"Sleeping with the fishes."
"Don't mess with my crew."
"I'm walking here!"
"I always get my mark."
"Get outta here."
"You looking at me?"
"Hey! Watch out!"