Best Brawlers for the season 14

Are you looking for a guide in which you can look at the brawlers which are best in season 14, then you are at right place, here is the list of top 10 brawlers are which will be in meta in Season 14, also we will discuss some more brawlers which can great too

you must upgrade these brawlers as fast as you can here is why:

1 best for playing power league

2. they will be overpowered or you can be stronger than other

3. you can win matches very easily

4, they will be easy to push so if you are looking for brawlers to push to 1000 you can push them

5. club games will be even easier to play

10 best brawlers for season 14:

  1. Nita:

Nita and Bruce have been out of the limelight for quite a while. Playing Nita without Bruce doesn’t feel good, so we’re buffing her slightly and making it easier to summon Bruce.

Nita got some damage buff, and now is a bit, overpowered brawlers since she a dependent on her bear bruce so they decreased the supercharge rate from 6 to 5, these are looking some sightly fewer changes but these are enough to make her overpowered

2 Poco:

  • Main attack – Damage – 700 → 800

Poco has not been a go-to Brawler for quite a while. While his healing is decent, he needs to be a bit more of a threat by himself to be able to duke it out with other Brawlers.

Before the update, poco was a great brawler, but in most the cases poco became the map-dependent brawler, ie he was good only on some maps which is why he was good in some maps and bad in others so they decided to buff poco damage to 1200 at max level and I think now the double heal meta will be back, and his screeching solo star power will now be more useful, also he can be played in close matches.

3. Buzz:

  • Base HP – 4200 → 4400

Our favorite lifeguard has had some issues guarding his own life, so we gave him some more HP to allow him to stay in the fray for a bit longer

Buzz got some buff in his health which was really important for him because he is close range brawler, also he got his second gadget which will help him in seeing the area around him, he will not be so overpowered but he will be in meta,

4. Lola:

  • Gadget – Stunt Double – Healing – 350 → 1000
  • Gadget – Freeze Frame – Shield 75% → 50%

The freeze frame has been a bit too powerful as a shield for Lola and her team. While it should be strong, it currently takes way too much to defeat and allows for too much pressure. Tuning it down and tuning Stunt Double up should allow for a better choice between Gadgets.

Lola is always A Tier brawler which means she is good and not overpowered and giving her the ability to heal her ego will now make her even more good and playable in the matches.

although I didn’t get the concept of nerfing one gadget so that another can be good, it is a bit weird

5. Griff :

Coin Shower

  • Griff’s next Coin Toss shoots 33% more coins.

Griff was always in meta, but after the buffing of Poco’s health surely griff will be even more useful, another reason for being in meta is his star power business resilience which can let griff heal after every 2 seconds, people started realizing that this star power has some potential,

6. Carl :

  • Base HP – 4400 → 4000

Carl, much like Penny, has had a really good time as of late. His main projectile is now highly deadly, so he becomes more of a tanky sniper, which in general is a dangerous design. Tuning down his HP means it’s easier to duel him at the range, and also when closing the gap (but watch out for his Super!)

carl’s base HP has been reduced which means now he will be easy to kill, but still, he will really good in meta, the range buff to carl really worked and in the previous season he was so overpowered that players choose to play with carl even on the maps where he is not good, and talking about in this season he will be in meta, but in a balanced way.

7. Janel:

  • Base HP – 3600 → 3400
  • Main attack – Super charge – 5 → 6 hits

Janet has been a great nuisance, and while her super isn’t very effective offensively, it allows her to play very aggressively and get out of any situation. Increasing the time interval where she can play like this allows for more counterplay, along with an HP nerf that allows her to get burst easier.

Janet has got 2 nerfs one in her health and the other in her supercharge attack, but still, her piercing damage and range shifting attack make her be in the meta,

8. Max:

max doesn’t get any buff or nerf, but crow has got some nerf into his gadget which is less painful, and due to this other brawlers which are slow such as 8-bit and bonnie and brawlers can increase the speed of other brawlers such as max, Stu, will now be playable in this season, and I think we will again see the poco, sandy max meta back into the game

9. Byron:

byron is always a great brawler to play even after the nerf to his reloading speed he is still the best brawler to play,

10. ASH:

Ash is the best close-range brawler, and his rage bar makes him playable I think buffing to poco and byron in meta will make him, even more, the best brawler to play

Other brawlers:

Belle, Penny, Squeak, Lou, Fang, Ruffs, Brock, Surge, Bonnie, Gale, Grom, STU

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