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Here is a full Brawl Stars guide to gears

Brawl stars gears are the new way of playing games

In this article, we will cover what brawl stars gears are, the best brawl stars gear for every brawler, and how to use them efficiently. Let’s get started.

What are brawl stars gears?

Brawl Star Gears are passive bonuses that can be crafted using Scrap and Gear Tokens to boost your Brawler’s stats! Each Brawler has 2 Gear Slots available, which are unlocked at Power Level 10 and 11.

There are 5 different types of braw stars gears and each of them gives a different passive ability to the Brawler. Gears get crafted in the Brawler screen and use two new currencies: Gear tokens and Scrap. Both drop from Brawl Boxes and can be acquired in the shops.

Once a Gear is crafted, it becomes permanently bound to the Brawler you picked, so choose wisely before crafting a Gear.

brawl start gears
Brawl Stars gears

Crafting and Upgrading Gears

Brawl stars gears have 3 levels, and each of them improves brawl stars gears Stats. Crafting a brawl stars gear is instantaneous once you have the necessary resources:

  • Brawl stars gear level 1: 1 Gear Token + 80 Scrap
  • Brawl stars gear level 2: 2 Gear Tokens + 200 Scrap
  • Brawl stars gear level 3: 4 Gear Tokens + 400 Scrap

Scrap and Gear Tokens can be obtained from Brawl Boxes, but they can also be bought in the Regular Shop, as well as the Club Shop.

Upgrades increase Brawl Stars gears effectiveness on each level:

  • Brawl stars speed Gear: Gain 15/20/25% speed when moving in bushes
  • Brawl stars heal Gear: Heal 100/150/200 when standing still
  • Brawl stars damage Gear: Deal 10/15/20% extra damage when you are below 50% health
  • Brawl stars resistance Gear: Reduce by 25/30/35% the efficiency and duration of slow and stun effects
  • Brawl stars shield Gear: Gain a 300/450/600 HP shield. Shield regenerates a 5% every 0,5 seconds when at full health.
Namelevel1level2level 3
Speed gear15%20%25%
Heal gears100150200
Resistance gear25%30%35%
Shield gear300450600

Keep this mind:

Gears will not work with gadgets and star power, or they will not stack on each other, for example, colt’s star power slick boots will not work with speed gear, and the speed will be the same as the without speed gears

Gears need gear tokens and gear scrap to level them up, they can be bought from the club shop or can be dropped from boxes, you have to craft[upgrade] them for every brawler in the game separately

Gears cannot be used in competitive matches, ie tournaments power league or club league power matches, there only star power and the gadget will work

scraps and token will only drop from boxes if any brawler is at level 10 or above. so upgrade any 1 brawler to level 10 then open boxes.

Best gears for every brawler:

We can’t tell which gear can be good or bad on the basis of every brawler but we can tell you the best brawler on the basis of different categories.

brawl starts speed gears
Brawl stars speed gears

Brawl stars speed gears:

Brawl star speed gears get activated when any brawler is moving in the bushes, speed gears can be good for the brawlers who are slow in speed like 8-bit, or brawlers whose low in health like piper or Brock, and throwers like tick and sprout so that they can move back.

brawl stars health gears

Brawl stars health gear:

brawl star health gear gets activated when any brawler stops moving, health gear can be good for brawlers whose health is low like crow, tick, squeak, or heavyweights like el primo or rosa, this gear can be a perfect fit for medium-health brawlers like Jessie, Nani, penny, etc…

brawl stars shield gears
brawl stars shield gears

Brawl Stars shield gears:

Brawl stars shield gears start generating some health once the brawler heals himself completely, this gear can be good for the brawlers like close-range brawlers like Darryl, el primo, bull, etc.. and assassins like Leon, Edgar, Mortis, and medium-health brawlers like Nani, Bo, Nita.

Brawl stars damage gears

Brawl Stars damage gears:

Brawl Stars damage gear gets activated once the brawler’s health falls below 50% which means brawlers who have health more than medium or brawlers who can heal can have a great advantage to it. So crafting gears for brawlers like byron, pam, bull, frank, Edgar, and amber can be great options.

Brawl Stars resistance gears:

This gadget can help you in reducing stunned time for the brawler, it can be an option when the enemy team had brawlers that can stun like Bo or Frank or against brawlers who can slow down like shelly or crow.

How to get brawl stars gears

If you try to buy the power points and coins then it may cost you 3000$, which everyone cannot afford, but you can play efficiently to max them out. Below are some tips to help you.

1. Open boxes after level 10:

You will get gear scrap and gear tokens only when you have a brawler at level 10. My suggestion is you get any brawler to level 10 and start opening boxes.

2. Club points:

Club league can be the best way of getting power points, with just 120 club points you can get 200 power points, so I would say not to buy any skins or gold from that point, instead go for power points.

3. Boxes:

Sometimes you get an offer to buy mega boxes with star points so instead of saving star points for the skin save them for the mega boxes.

4. Events:

If you are a f2p player then you will suffer from a lack of coins and events like coins shower or token doublers events can help you with this, so save your boxes and open only when these events start.

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