Brawl Stars Heroes

Full guide for which brawler to unlock first in Brawl Stars


If you’re a newcomer to Brawl Stars and wondering which brawler to unlock first, then you’ve come to the right place. The answer to this question is going to depend on what kind of playstyle you prefer. If you’re more of an aggressive player who likes to get in the enemy‚Äôs face, then you should unlock a brawler like Shelly, Bull, or El Primo. These brawlers are great on maps with bushes and are excellent at pushing enemy brawlers back and taking control of the map. And for crowd control you should consider looking at Lou.

Defensive Brawl Stars

If you prefer a more defensive playstyle, then you should unlock a brawler like Nita or Brock. These brawlers excel at keeping enemies at bay and not forgetting Brock’s long-range attacks. They are also great at defending objectives, making them a great pick for defending game modes like Heist and Brawl Ball.

Universal Brawlers

If you’re looking for a brawler that can do it all, then you should unlock brawlers like Barley, Dynamike, or Bo. These brawlers have great crowd control abilities and can also deal significant damage from a distance. They are great for both offense and defense and can be used in a variety of game modes.

Support Brawlers

Finally, if you’re looking for a brawler that can provide great support, then you should unlock brawlers like Pam, Poco, Byron or you can also look at Tara or Spike dispite these two not been 100% support. These brawlers have abilities that can provide healing and buff allies, making them invaluable in team-based game modes.

No matter which brawler you decide to unlock first, make sure to practice with them and get comfortable with their playstyle. That way, you can make the most of your brawler and ensure that you’re a valuable asset in whatever game mode you choose to play. Good luck, and happy brawling!