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About Byron:

Byron deals with potent medicaments, but never call him a snake oil salesman!

Byron is a mythic brawler, with his attack he can deal damage to the brawler to heal his teammates, same with the super he can deal damage to the brawler to heal his teammates, he completes the trio of piper and barley.


1 2400
2 2520
3 2640
4 2760
5 2880
6 3000
7 3120
8 3240
9 3360
10 3480
11 3600

Normal Attack:

Shoots a long-range dart that can hit both opponents and friendlies. Opponents will take damage over time and friendlies will heal over time.

Byron shoots a dart that heals friends or deals damage to the enemy

LEVEL DAMAGE(per tick)
1 340
2 357
3 374
4 391
5 408
6 425
7 442
8 459
9 476
10 493
11 510


Throws a vial that heals friendlies and damages opponents.

Byron throws a bottle on the enemy that can heal or deal damage to the brawlers

LEVEL health
1 1500
2 1575
3 1650
4 1725
5 1800
6 1875
7 1950
8 2025
9 2100
10 2175
11 2250

Gadgets Byron brawl stars gadget

freeze frame

Byron uses one of his shots to heal himself 800 per second for 3 seconds.

Byron will use his ammo to heal himself


Star Powers: Byron brawl stars star power


Byron's Super will also cause opponents to receive 75% less healing from any source for the next 9 seconds.

byron super will now reduce healing with healing and dealing damage.


Every 3.5 seconds the next basic attack will pierce through targets.

byron attack will now go through to the max[pierce]



Speed Gear: Gain 15/20/25% speed when moving in bushes

Heal Gear: Heal 100/150/200 when standing still

Damage Gear: Deal 10/15/20% extra damage when you are below 50% health

Resistance Gear: Reduce by 25/30/35% the efficiency and duration of slow and stun effects

Shield Gear: Gain a 300/450/600 HP shield. Shield regenerates a 5% every 0,5 seconds when at full health.

BEST GEAR TO USE Damage gear, Heal gear

Tips and Tricks: Byron brawl stars guide

Master attack and super:


play from back:

byron is a brawler which can either heal or deal brawler, and with his star power he can do both, also he comes into the category of support which means he need can support others to play aggressively, so to support other brawlers, try to stay back and play.


best composition:

he is a support brawler which means he can be played by any brawler, but talking about his best comp, he can be great against brawlers who can be good in close matches like bull, shelly, el primo mostly heavyweights since he can be countered in close match easily

he can also be great with brawlers like throwers


Super placement:

in order to place his super properly use his super only when the enemy bunch together at one place, or your teammates and enemy are at one place


best game mode:

byron is a versatile brawler ie which can be played in any game mode, except for solo showdown and duo showdown, and for the best game mode he is great in gem grab and bounty


best gears:

byron's health is low as compared to other brawlers, but his gadget also help him in healing, but that is not enough, so you can use heal gear and shield, any one of them can be great, and for his second slot resistance gear can work well, since brawler can easily slow down and stun him


  • try to force byron to come out in front to play
  • his health is not that high he can killed easily
  • dodge his attac and waste his ammo so that he can't use to heal.
  • wait for him to attack and dogde his attack and then try to kill him in that he way he will not have ammo to defeat you
  • close range brawlers like bull, shelly, el primo rosa can defeat him very easily, try to go as near as you can.

Voicelines: [Byron brawl stars voicelines]

"Try some snake oil extract!"
"The sweet taste of victory!"
"That was a big mistake."
"I shall return."
"Enjoy your treat!"
"The reptiles are growing restless."
"I am swimming in weak sauce."
"You will pay for that. Dearly."
"How unfortunate."
"I will find you!"
"Buy a thousand, get one free."
"Sign here, with your life."
Byron laughs
"You broke the contract!"
"Your tears fuel my laughter."
"This cannot be!"
"Take this! At your peril!"
"Time to seal the deal."
Byron cackles
"I will end you!"
"Try my latest concoction!"
"Potential, satisfaction, guaranteed."
"Run, run, as fast as you can!"
"Next time, try my excellent aiming elixir."
"Have a free taste… of doom."
"You need my no-noob-cure!"

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