Gray Brawl Stars Full Guide, Tips and Tricks

Gray default skin
  1. Defeating an enemy: To defeat an enemy quickly, use your superpower to teleport both you and your teammate to the enemy’s location and immediately kill them.
  2. Heist, Gem Grab and Hotzone: Place the teleport in the following locations for each game mode: Heist – enemy safe, Gem Grab – gem mine, Hotzone – within the zone for quick access to the objective.
  3. Aim: Avoid using auto aim for your super or attack. Your super only teleports to the nearest enemy, and your attack has a linear trajectory, making it prone to missing.
  4. Don’t Overcommit: It can be tempting to get in the middle of the action and try to take out multiple opponents at once but this can easily backfire if you are outnumbered. Try to focus on one opponent at a time.
  5. Take Advantage of Maps: Every map has its own unique layout, so try to familiarize yourself with the terrain and use it to your advantage.
  6. Use Your Star Power: Star Powers are special abilities that can be used to increase your survivability or damage output. Make sure you take advantage of these whenever possible.
  7. Play the Objectives: Brawl Stars is all about objectives, so make sure you focus on capturing them whenever possible.
  8. Team Up: Teamwork