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Chester Brawl Stars’s Full Guide, Tips and Tricks |

Chester is a new brawler available in the Brawl Stars game. He is a legendary brawler who has the unique ability to duplicate himself, allowing him to be in multiple places at once. As a result, he can be a powerful addition to any team. Here are some tips and tricks on how to use Chester to his full potential.

1. Utilize his Duplication Ability: Chester can create a clone of himself that is identical in stats and abilities. This can be used to your advantage in a variety of ways. You can use the clone to distract enemies, or use it to create a diversion while your main brawler attacks another enemy. You can also use the clone to create a defensive line so that your main brawler can stay safe and secure.

2. Use Him As a Distraction: Chester’s clone can be used as a distraction to draw enemy fire away from your main brawler. This can be especially useful if your main brawler is weak and needs to stay out of harm’s way.

3. Use Him for Crowd Control: Chester’s clone can be used to take out multiple enemies at once. His clone can take out one enemy while your main brawler focuses on another one. This can be especially useful in larger brawls.

4. Use Him to Heal: Chester’s clone can come in handy when your main brawler needs to heal. The clone can be used to draw enemy fire while your main brawler heals and regenerates health.

5. Use Him to Protect Your Teammates: Chester’s clone can be used to protect your teammates from enemy fire. The clone can be used to take out enemy brawlers who are attacking your teammates, allowing them to stay safe and secure.

Overall, Chester is a great addition to any team. He can be used for a variety of purposes, from crowd control to healing and protection. With the right strategies, Chester can be a powerful brawler who can help your team to victory.