This is Brawl Stars Meg Full Guide, Tips and Tricks

Who is Meg?

Meg is the third member of Max’s and Surge’s trio and she’s a smart vending machine repair girl who wants to be a hero like Max and Surge, and although they think she’s not ready to fight yet, Meg always joins the battle anyway! also, she is the third member of the superhero trio.

Now lets learn how you can be a pro with Meg.

When she is in her normal formal.

when she is in her normal form

  • Main Attack (Normal form) – Clean Up
    • Weak (but courageous!) medium-range shot
    • With her normal form she shoots to two lasers which deak 420 per laser, which is not so good but ok.
  • Health:
    • at max level ie level 10 her health is 3080 which is pretty similiar to tick.

When She is in Mecha Form:

  • Super Ability (Normal form) – Mega Machina
    • Call for her Mecha armor!
    • When in Mecha form Meg gets two different attacks and a lot more Health Points! But her Health Points decay over time
    • Once her Mecha HP reaches 0, she goes back to her normal form
  • Main Attack (Mecha form) – Crowd Control
    • A strong barrage of bullets (8 projectiles, 4 from each cannon)
    • at max level she can deal 336 damage per ammo, her attack is pretty similiar to pam, which is easy to dodge
  • Super Ability (Mecha form) – Feel the Steel
    • Her Super button then becomes a secondary attack! It’s a melee swipe causing lots of damage in a wide arc
    • This attack charges automatically and doesn’t get charged with normal attacks
    • Her super is like bibi’s normal attack except it is much more powerful and can deal 3360 damage per shot.

Gadget – Jolting Volts

  • Heal mecha by 450 health per second for 5 seconds
  • her gadget is usable only when you are in mecha form ie in robot form.

Star power:

  • Star Power – Force Field
    • Her normal form gets a 35% shield for 30 seconds after a mecha suit is destroyed.
  • Star Power – Self Destruction
    • Upon expiring, the mecha suit explodes dealing 1000 damage to nearby opponents and pushing them away

Tips and Tricks:

Can be good in open maps:

She throws 8 bolts when she is in mecha form, which can cover a lot of areas, and this area coverage can be used to cover enemies,

2. Worse game mode:

She can be really good in all the game modes except for the showdown or showdown+ or duo showdown, in these game modes breaking boxes and getting power cubes is a nightmare for her, in the beginning.

3. Can be stopped:

There is a delay, when she performed her super, which means she can be stopped, a brawler who can stun, pushback can stop her easily, so when you see a map in which meg is good, go for these brawlers

4. Brawlers who can counter meg:

For example gale, shelly, surge, tick, dynamike, frank, bo, bull, lou el primo, penny, sandy, Nita, Darryl. tara, colonel ruffs, Colette, buzz, gene, nani, bibi, piper,emz, brock.

5. Best brawler composition:

If you think that brawlers who can heal like poco, pam, byron are the best comp, then you are wrong, when she is in her mecha form, she takes on 20% of the healing effect ie, with poco turning fork which heals 400 per second will heal only 80.

The best composition can that brawler who can provide him to deal extra damage like, belle and 8 bit.

or brawlers who can slow down the enemy so she can shoot and charge her super, like crow or shelly.


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