Lola Brawl Stars | How to play with Lola | Tips and Tricks


Lola is a new brawler in brawl stars, she was introduced in the brawl pass season 9 [brawllywood]. Her new ability is called ego, like Tara she can drop the ego, but Lola’s ego can be controlled.

When her ego is within her range, the ego deals 50% less damage, but if her ego is outside her range it has the same deal damage as her.


Part guide, part actress, and full diva, She is the leading lady of Brawlywood. She attacks with her scarf and her super is a channeled manifestation of her Ego.”

According to pro players, she is A tier brawler [A tier means good in meta, not overpowered].


Health :



LevelDamage per jewel

Tips and tricks:

Best burst damage dealer:

At max level, each Lola’s star deals around 390 damage, and one ammo is 6 stars. Her reload and unload speed is good such that she can deal a massive amount of damage to any brawler.

Game modes:

She is good in all game modes but if we talk about the best game mode then I would say she is really great in Brawl Ball and Heist, in brawl ball she can create a Dual Lane pressure on the enemy while in heist she can deal massive damage with her ego.

Dual lane:

After the introduction of Lola, Dual Lane was introduced; a new type of gaming mode. With her ego, you can split around the map and play in two lanes which can be really useful when you are getting choked. Dual lane can also help brawlers that are not good in close range, especially throwers.

Best star power and gadget:

Pro players say that her star power Improvise is good because it gives her last ammo 30% extra damage which is good. As for me, I think Sealed With A Kiss star power is much better than Improvise, with this star power she can heal herself and other teammates too, which can help a lot in game modes like Bounty and Gem Grab, and not forgetting how it makes her versatile when it comes to game play.

And if it comes to gadgets, both are good it depends on how you use her.


Damage gear is the best gear for all brawlers only if you can’t find any good gear for a particular brawler, with this gear Lola becomes deadly once its activated.

The second gear which can be best for Lola is Health or Shield gear, since Lola has a good amount of health so going with a shield or health gear can be a great idea.

Note: Don’t use speed gear with Lola, it will be very hard to sync with Lola’s ego.

Best map type:

She is a long-range brawler, like Jessie or Lou and her ego can split and roam around the map, so I would suggest you play her in open maps with less obstacles.

Nerfs and Buffs:

  • 28/10/21:
    • She became available to play in the Training Cave. 
  • 08/11/21:
    • She and Rebel Lola were added to the game. 
  • 17/11/21:
    • Her health decreased to 3800 (from 4000). 
    • Her main attack damage was decreased to 260 (from 280) per projectile. 
    • Her facial animations were reworked. 
  • 01/12/21:
    • Her Sealed With a Kiss Star Power was added. 
  • 16/12/21:
    • Her Super Ego now deals 50% less damage if it is less than 3.33 tiles away from Lola. 
  • 01/03/22:
    • Her Stunt Double Gadget was added. 
  • 27/04/22:
    • She and Rebel Lola’s facial animations were reworked. 
    • Her True Silver and True Gold skins were added. 
  • 08/06/22:
    • The Galaxy Storm Lola skin was added. It was featured as a Worst Bunch skin. 
  • 29/06/22:
    • She, Rebel Lola, and Galaxy Storm Lola’s main attack visual effects were slightly reworked. 

How to counter Lola?

To counter Lola you have to find a way that can deal damage to both her and her ego at the same time. And currently, there are a lot of mechanisms that can do this and since most of the players place her ego just near her, it becomes easier to counter her.

Bouncy mechanism:

Use brawlers whose attack jumps from one to another, for example, Jessie and Belle

Piercing attack:

There are a lot of brawlers who can Pierce their damage and they are excellent for countering Lola. for example, Poco and Frank.

Area Splashing Brawlers:

Brawlers who can do area splash are the best to use against Lola, for example, El Primo, Edgar, EMZ, etc.