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This is Brawl Stars Lola Full Guide, Tips and Tricks

About brawl stars Lola:

Lola is a Brawlywood star. She’s extremely obsessed with herself and loves offering tour guides; any excuse is good enough to talk about her career! She has a fake fox scarf with diamond eyes and shoots sparkly stars that shine as much as her!

She is a chromatic brawler which will be unlocked at tier 30 with a brawl pass or from the boxes with legendary chances.

Brawl Stars Lola’s skins

Normal Attack:

Lola’s favorite accessory is also her favorite weapon! It shoots from the eyes in short bursts and with plenty of panache.

She shoot 5 star-like objects in one ammo which can deal 260 per star at the base level



“She releases her Ego that mimics her every move.”

She creates her version or ego which will walk or attack like Lola

7 2600
ego health

Gadgets lola brawl stars gadget

Freeze frame

“Lola’s Ego stops moving to strike a pose! Gaining a 75% shield for 4 seconds.”

her ego will get a shield for 4 seconds by 75% but her ego will stay in one place

Star Powers: Lola brawl stars star power


When down to her last round, Lola deals an extra 30% damage.”

Her last attack will deal 30% more than normal.


Speed Gear: Gain 15/20/25% speed when moving in bushes

Heal Gear: Heal 100/150/200 when standing still

Damage Gear: Deal 10/15/20% extra damage when you are below 50% health

Resistance Gear: Reduce by 25/30/35% the efficiency and duration of slow and stun effects

Shield Gear: Gain a 300/450/600 HP shield. Shield regenerates a 5% every 0,5 seconds when at full health.

Tips and Tricks: Lola brawl stars guide

play aggressive

She is a brawler who is known as an aggressive brawler by the brawl stars team itself, so try to play her aggressive when she had her super because she deals double damage when she had her ego.

best composition:

She attacks are really easy to get hit by her attack, but she had a little less health, combining her with healers like byron, poco or pam can make him powerful

also, it would be even better if you can have a damaged increase, so brawler like colonel ruffs or 8 bit makes her overpowered.

Super placement:

She is amazing and with ego, she became even more powerful, so placing her ego in the proper position is a key to becoming a pro player.

for example, placing her ego at the back or front when the enemy is playing penny can be a little dangerous,

while in siege it is necessary to place her ego in front so that she can take damage and deal more damage more to siege.

best game mode:

She is an aggressive brawler because she can deal much more damage than any brawler, and it gets even more when she had her ego, she is really good in siege and heist, she can also be good in a knockout if anyone who knows how to place her ego,

best gears:

there are 5 gears in the game, but for Lola best gear can be health gear, attack gears, and keep in mind that using speed gear can make problems while moving with her ego, this can make problems while syncing, ie when you will move her ego may not walk with Lola because gears only work with her, not with ego.


  • When anyone places her ego, her ego traces her everywhere which can be counter by a lot of brawlers which falls into the category of throwers like barley dynamike and barley and area splashers like emz and penny jessie and belle
  • try to kill lola instead of her ego, because when she dies her ego also dies
  • try to take fight from farther distance, because her attack is like pam which is hard to hit. so it would be better to take fight at farther distance

Lola brawl stars voice lines

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