Brawl Stars | Learn Who Your Brawler Can Defeat

Hey archivers, I hope you are all doing great. In today’s article we are going to talk about Brawlers that can counter or defeat Whom easily.

Note: We will not talk about all the brawlers, we will talk about some special counters that you may not know.

Why you should read this article and share it to your teammates?

This article will probably help you in lot of things like:

  1. Understanding brawlers
  2. Help you in playing power league better
  3. Help you in playing 3v3 mode more easily by knowing which brawler you have to handle

So without any further delay let’s jump right into it.

1. Colette

If you are a core player of brawl stars, then you know why Colette is on the list. If no, then here is why she is on the list; recently, brawl stars made some changes in heavyweights brawlers, and the process is known as brawler triads. When the brawler has been triad in the game then he or she will charge his or her super whenever they deal damage by any brawler, in short, if they had around 13000 damage to them then they will charge their super. This ability has been given to, mostly heavyweights, and Colette is a really good brawler against them, she is a tank killer and can easily kill any brawler with 3 attacks and 1 super. Brawlers like Bull, Frank can be counted easily.

2. Amber

Am sure everyone in their minds knew that Amber will be on the list. Amber can easily counter any Brawler except the short-rage brawlers. Amber is not good in a close match, but with few tricks she can also counter short-rage brawlers you just have to use your mind.

There are brawlers whom she is know for perfect counters, brawlers who uses bushes to play, with her super and gadget she can burn the bushes and make the enemy brawlers not playable in the game. Brawlers like Rosa, Sprout, Bo are some of the examples I can give you. And this could be really helpful to you when you are playing power league.

check out the brawlers for power league here:

3. Gene

I never thought Gene is a good brawler, with his star power and gadget he can counter heavyweights. His gadget is one thing that makes him amazing to use him, with his gadget he can push back the enemy and heal himself. He can counter brawlers like Emz, El Primo, Edgar and Rosa. I have tried this and I can testify that I kind of find it easy to counter heavyweights with Gene.

A trick on how to attack El Primo and Edgar with Gene: Whenever El Primo targets you, just wait for his jump and do one attack and then push him back, and that’s it and if you want to counter him without a gadget. Check whether he his super or not, and try to hit one shot before he jumps and then wait for his jump and then attack. Its the same with Edgar.

And for Rosa, you have to make the proper distance and do some chip damage, and once she is a bit low pull her near you and kill her.

4. Brock

Brock is in meta right now in power league since he can break walls with his both gadget. His super is a perfect counter for Rosa, and throwers like Tick, Sprout, and Dynamike. He also has a jump ability which can help in getting enemies that are behind the walls. His star power incendiary is powerful that even heavyweights think twice when attacking.

What Does Brawl Stars Meta mean?
The META stands for 'Most Efficient Tactic Available'. So, the Brawl Stars Meta changes from time to time, just like how the Brawl Stars Tier List Brawlers change. As the Brawl Stars characters are updated and given better powers, strategies and gadgets, the Brawlers outdo each other in different game modes.

5. Nita

Nita can use her Super to spawn the bear on a launch pad to ambush unsuspecting enemy Brawlers and deal high damage that can literally kill any brawler. With this attack she can counter heavyweights like El Primo, Frank, etc. She can also throw her bear behind the walls, this trick makes her perfect counter for throwers like Barley and Dynamike.