Amazing Brawlers, For Power League Season 7

Hey archives! I am back with another amazing article, and in today’s post I am going to talk about some amazing brawlers you can you use in power league season 7.

Why you should read this article?

  • First and foremost the brawlers am going to list down in this amazing article can help you in getting higher league and power league,
  • You have to know that these are overpowered brawlers,
  • And they are meta in every map.

Keep this in mind:

Before I start I want you to keep this in mind, the brawlers am about to mention below will only show their real potential only when they are maxed out. At least they are at level 10 with their gadgets. And maxing out these brawlers will not cause any bad effect on you, so you should consider maxing them, get their star power and gadgets so that you can see their real powers.

1. Rosa :

In the previous season, I was thinking of maxing her out because she is overpowered, and after seeing the maps of season 7 power league now I feel I should have maxed her. You have to know that the maps are filled with lots of bushes and she is literally good with bushes and her being overpowered is kind of an advantage. Maps like double swoosh, hot potato, and ice fort are maps in which she works as a perfect counter for every brawler.

2. El Primo:

Before the update, El Primo was just a brawler who is only good in the solo showdown and only because there were a lot of primos in higher trophy range and friendship in the showdown.

But after the update, things changed and now he is even more strong in the showdown and in other maps due to his ability to charge his super while dealing damage.

3. Brock :

Brock is another brawler who is a meta in the power league. Due to his incendiary star power, there is a lot you can do, for instance you want to break the walls or jump over the walls. And before the introduction of Brock’s second gadget, Piper was the one on the throne, but Brock’s second gadget literally changed everything, he is now replacing piper in many maps like heist and bounty.

4. Buzz:

You can all agree with me that right now we haven’t really get our hands on Buzz. But his self-charging ability and stunning with his super is a game-changer most especially for power league. I know him being a new chromatic brawler, a lot of players don’t know much about him. If you want to learn how to use buzz click the link below.

5. Tick:

So after automatic nerf due to no ammo respawning, players thought Tick will no longer be a good brawler, but that is totally wrong he is still a good and frustrating brawler, yes he got a nerf in his gadget, but still he can push back the enemy and deal 500 damage to any brawler which is still hard defending thing in-game.

I hope you enjoyed and learnt something. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe using the form below. More tips are coming 😉