Wipeout brawl stars – Tips and tricks, Best brawlers

What is wipeout? and what are the rules?

Wipeout is an Event that was introduced during the 2022 Season 11 update. In this event, there are two teams consisting of three players each. The objective is to eliminate opponents 8 times without letting the enemy do the same thing. When one team gets 8 kills, they win. After 2 minutes without both teams eliminating 8 enemies, the team which has more kills wins the match. If both teams have the same amount of kills, however, the match ends in a draw.

Tips and tricks:

Don’t die

Wipeout is a game mode were you have to kill your enemy team 8 teams to get a victory. Not dying can be a great tip for playing this game mode, playing defensive is the best tip, and when you need to heal move back and heal yourself and then come back but don’t hesitate to attack. I think this is the only game mode were you don’t need to corporate with your teammates.

Best Brawler Category

The best brawlers category for this game mode, are healers, assassins, and high damage dealer. Healers can help you heal your teammates, while high damage dealers and assassins can help you in getting instant kills. Throwers are also good but since they are hard to play in close range, players with assassins and high damage dealers will always take advantage of throwers, so if you are good with throwers then don’t play with them.

Same as knockout

The game mode is pretty much similar to knockout and bounty game mode were in knockout you just have to kill once, while in bounty you have to get more kills than the enemy.

So the strategy which you apply in knockout and bounty will also apply here.

Lane control

Earlier I mentioned that this is the only game mode were you can play alone in your team, currently, the gameplay which I saw are most of them played without lane control, so I can say that this game mode does not require lane control.

know when to play aggresive and defensive

The game mode is like knockout and bounty where killing plays an important role, especially in knockout where you get only one chance to kill the enemy and win the game

So look for the environment near you and then decide whether you should play offensive or defensive, this tips can literally change the whole game.

Best brawler:


EDGAR is really good in this game mode, the reason is he can directly jump over enemy kill them, also his star power fisticuffs is really good


Tara has a gadget that can help teammates in finding enemies in bushes and not forgetting her super is really good, if you used it properly you can get 3 kills instantly


Shelly is really great in countering brawlers like rosa bull and el primo which you will see a lot of time in this game mode, plus if you manage to hit all Brawlers with her super then her star power shell shock is really great.


Currently, Darryl is overpowered due to his recent rework and his steel hoops make him more powerful to play.


After the buff to his star power his stun makes him overpower in the maps where there is a lot of walls, so if you see a map with lots of walls you can with gale


Crow is an assassin he stops enemies from healing, and he can slow down enemies with his gadget which makes him a good brawler for this game mode.

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