Everything we know about Griff the new brawler

In this article I am going to talk about the new Brawler, Griff. Is Griff overpowered? Will he be a good Brawler? On which map is he good? What is his relation in brawl stars, and other interesting this about this new Brawler.


Griff is the proprietor of Starr Park’s gift shop. Okay, with Griff business is greater, since business is great, he starts throwing coins away from his employee’s tip jar. In his attack he throws 9 coins. His attack is similar to Carl‘s attack except that Carl just throws ax and Griff throws 9 coins. In his super he can throw notes, just this we can clearly say that he can be a good brawler for doing burst damage.

Griff is an epic brawler; this means he will not be a nightmare to players who are f2p (free-to-play players) for unlocking legendary brawlers, like Sandy, Crow and Spike.

With his gadget he leaves his piggy bank to deal damage to the nearby enemy, his gadget can deal up to 1000 damage, it must be noted that the damage is a bit long, after leaving the piggy bank, it will be wise of us to move around the piggy bank.

Another point you have to keep in mind is that Griff’s gadget is similar to Dynamike’s gadget except you can throw Dynamike’s gadget anyway while Griff’s gadget can not be thrown.

Last but not least his star power increases his movement of his attack by 35%.

Tips and Tricks :

1 Good in dealing burst damage

Griff throws 9 coins at once which can deal massive damage to any brawler, also with his super he can deal massive damage.

2. Best modes

Talking about his best mode he can be good in many maps due to his burst damage, but I think his best modes are Showdown heist, Siege, Hot zone, and Knockout. Gem grab and Brawl ball are also good but not as much as other modes.

3. Best maps

He can be a good brawler in open maps like Purple Paradise due to his wide range of attack, and if we were to talk about his worst mode, am sure it can be maps with a lot of bushes like Snake Pirine.

4. Best brawler

He will be known for his burst damage, so I think brawlers like 8 bit, colonel ruffs, belle can be a really good brawler.

When was Griff released?

He is available in a challenge on 23 July 2021, only the players who gets the wins get him for free, but if you don’t manage don’t worry he will be available after 1 week when the challenge ends, which means 30 July 2021.

I will post more on him once he is released.

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