Do you think Rico and Sandy’s Second gadgets are broken

In this article I am going to talk about gadgets that were recently released in Brawl Stars.

Rico Gadget: Bouncy Castle

Rico’s second gadget will heal him per bounce, every bounce he receive 300 heal

Can this bring him in Meta:

I think this gadget can bring him in meta, Rico is a brawler who is really weak, he always needs other brawlers who can heal, but now he won’t need any other brawlers. Although Rico is known for his chaining super and dealing high damage, health was the only weakness of him which is not a weakness anymore.

Fits with both star powers:

Rico’s first gadget Multiball launcher is also a good gadget, but the only problem is that this gadget doesn’t fit with his star power properly. Talking about his second gadget, it fits with both star power whether its super bouncy[ deal 12% damage when hits walls] or Robo retreat [ he moves faster].

Rico’s second gadget fits really well with the super bouncy, after using his gadget he deals extra damage plus healing himself which will make him more playable.

Heal when hits walls:

His star power, super bouncy, increase the damage only once, ie after hitting the wall one time, his damage won’t increase.

But his gadget will heal him every time his attack hit the walls, no matter how many times it will hit the walls.

Best map:

The best map in which his second gadget can be good, is maps with lots of walls because the more his attack hit the walls the more he heals.

Sandy Second gadget : Sweet dreams

Sandy’s next attack will make enimies fall sleep for 1.5 seconds, bascially it is a stun.

Can be used in many ways:

  • His gadget sweet dreams can be used in many ways like when your team is about to score in brawl ball.
  • or using the attack on siege bot or enemy siege when your team bot is going for an attack.

Next attack will wake up:

Compatible Star power:

When you use his gadget on an enemy, an enemy will sleep for 1.5 seconds. But if any brawler on your team or you hit them they will wake up and your gadget stun will be over.

Both his star powers works on his super. One of his star power heals brawler in the super’s range[Healing wind], and another one deal damage to the enemy brawler[Rude sands].

The most compatible star power with his gadget is healing winds because rude sands deal damage to the enemy brawler and if you hit an enemy who is sleeping they wake up, so be careful not to use his gadget with his star power rude sands when you are on the disadvantage side.

Last but least

  • I think Rico’s second gadget is broken, due to its healing up to max health, plus his star power compatibility.
  • and talking about Sandy’s gadget it is okay, but it’s neither strong nor weak