This is how As Dusk Falls Multiplayer game works

Is As Dusk Falls local co-op, or online?

Both! The game supports both local co-op and online, or even a mix of both. In local co-op, up to 8 players can play together on the same screen by connecting additional input devices. For online multiplayer, you can send your friends invites from the game screen. When using online multiplayer, each person must own a copy of the game and have an active Xbox Live subscription.

How do I host a multiplayer game?

Select “Play with Friends,” create a new profile, and the lobby set-up screen will pop up. Select “Go Online,” “Invite Friends,” and then choose who from your friends list you would like to invite to play. Press “B” or “Go Back” to return to the lobby set-up screen. At this point you can also add any local users via other input devices (e.g. the Companion App, Controllers). When all Online Friends have selected “Ready,” the host can start the session.

Does As Dusk Falls have online matchmaking?

No, it does not. You’re able to invite your friends to play or connect additional input devices to have friends join locally.

How does co-op work in this narrative crime drama?

Throughout the story, you’ll be tasked with making decisions that impact the outcome of the storyline. All players share the same point of view but will individually vote for what decision they’d like to see play out. All votes are weighted equally, and the choice with the most votes wins, so you may not always get your way! There are limited override options and ties will result in a randomly picked outcome.

How do overrides work?

The host can set how many overrides are available, and throughout the game each player will have a number of overrides to use. If a player overrides a decision, the decision they voted for is automatically chosen. However, if another player feels just as strongly that a different way should be picked, they can override as well! Use your overrides carefully and be ready to argue your case when you override your friends.

Is multiplayer cross platform?

Yes. As Dusk Falls is available for Xbox Series X|S and PC with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Windows, and Steam, and on Xbox One and supported mobile phones, tablets, and lower-spec PCs via Xbox Cloud Gaming. You must own a copy of the game to play, but you can join your friends no matter what platform they are on.

Can I play the game by myself?

Absolutely! While we think the game is fun when played with friends, it’s fun to play solo as well. In a solo playthrough you’ll have total control over the decisions made and where the story goes.

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