As Dusk Falls guide on how to stream

I’m a streamer, are there unique features that would benefit me?

Yes, there is a Broadcast Mode in the game that allows you to integrate your Twitch chat into your playthrough. Users in your chat will be able to vote for options in game, allowing them to take part in where the story goes.

How does Broadcast Mode work?

When launching the game, select “Broadcast Mode”. Enter the name of your Twitch Channel (which only works for channels associated with existing Twitch accounts). You should receive a message that you’ve successfully connected to your channel.

Once the game begins, viewers will have the ability to vote on outcomes via the stream’s chat window. Each choice is shown with a special hashtag/number (#3, #4, etc). Players enter in the number of their choice in the Twitch chat panel. Your viewer’s screen names appear briefly on the screen as votes are added. The choice with the most votes wins.

Note that as the streamer, you still have the power to override your viewers. You’re also required to handle all quick time events (QTEs).

Can I invite friends to play co-op while in Broadcast Mode?

No, the game does not support both modes simultaneously. However, your friends can join in on the voting by typing their choices in your chat.