As Dusk Falls Console Streaming

As Dusk Falls guide on how to stream

I’m a streamer, are there unique features that would benefit me? Yes, there is a Broadcast Mode in the game that allows you to integrate your Twitch chat into your playthrough. Users in your chat will be able to vote for options in game, allowing them to take part in where the story goes. How […]

As Dusk Falls Console

This is how As Dusk Falls Multiplayer game works

Is As Dusk Falls local co-op, or online? Both! The game supports both local co-op and online, or even a mix of both. In local co-op, up to 8 players can play together on the same screen by connecting additional input devices. For online multiplayer, you can send your friends invites from the game screen. When using […]

As Dusk Falls

Here is As Dusk Falls System Requirements

Introduction to As Dusk Falls As Dusk Falls is an original interactive drama from INTERIOR/NIGHT that explores the entangled lives of two families across thirty years. Starting in 1998 with a robbery-gone-wrong in small town Arizona, the choices you make have a powerful impact on the characters’ lives in this uncompromising story of betrayal, sacrifice […]