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I’ve always thought of gaming as one of life’s most entertaining activities, Since I first held the 1988 Sega Mega Drive 2 controller back in the Early 2000s ( I am a lil weird like that!). Like most kids in a third world country like mine, I didn’t own a console so every weekend and sometimes on weekdays, my friend Henry and I would go down to the game arcade in the market area and spend our week’s savings playing Sega mega drive 2, and the joy and excitement that came with it was beyond anything we had ever experienced before! I remember playing famous Sega games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Combat, Streets of Rage and Lion King. Nothing ever beat that feeling! As time moved we were introduced to handheld gaming when the Gameboy hit our market with games like Pokemon, Castlevania and Donkey Kong, another fun age of gaming! Then came the age of Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 1 Later in the 2000s.

By the time these games hit our market, they had already become very well known to the rest of the world but they were new to us. Where I am from, things happened a little slower than everyone else back then. Some of my personal favourites on these platforms were, and still are, Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Medal of Honor and The Mummy on PS1 and for Nintendo 64, the super Mario franchise and 007 golden eye. I was more of a PlayStation guy back then. I played my way through different gaming platforms including the PlayStation 2, PlayStation portable PSP and the all new (at the time) Xbox live!, Before I started to develop interest in PC gaming in the late 2000s, and I gotta say, I haven’t gone back since then. Some of my earliest PC games include Max Payne, Need for Speed, Hitman, 007 Golden Eye: Rouge Agent and Grand theft auto: San Andreas. No offence to console gamers but as a computer programmer / gamer, PC gaming was more convenient for me because I could easily switch, from gaming to working to coding to studying or doing research and then back to gaming . And don’t get me wrong it still love, enjoy and appreciate console gaming but Its no longer my my first choice of platform. FYI, I still own a console, for some of those console-exclusive games.

Online gaming wasn’t always appealing to me a couple of years ago because of how bad internet services were in my country, and how expensive it was to get access to internet to with decent speeds. And for these reasons I never felt the need to explore online features for any of the games I played or even attempt to play online games. With time, internet services got better and I started gaining interest in online gaming because of how popular it had become on the internet, so I decided give it a try. There was this cool game that everybody was talking about called ‘player unknown battle ground’ (PUBG). I watched videos of the gameplay on Facebook and it seemed like too good of a game to pass up on, so I bought it and got to playing! One of the many features that got me really excited is that I got interact with so many different gamers from all over the world! I wasn’t very good at it, at first, so began to watch live streams of one particular gamer whose gameplay got my attention. Her game tag is Rog Stream. I couldn’t understand her language but everything from her gameplay and how she interacted with her viewers was entertaining! After watching a number of her streams, I was fired up and inspired to start streaming myself! She inspired me to take my gaming to the next level. Thank you Rog Streamer.

Before I knew it, online gaming grew on me and became my new favourite things to do. I began to explore other online games via PC and mobile like Fortnite, Call or Duty Mobile, Mobile legends, Brawl Stars, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, League of legends and more recent releases like Valorant.

As a gamer from a third world country, it is one of my goals to introduce other less fortunate lovers of gaming, like 8 year old me, to the world and the world to them by creating safe content that everyone can enjoy and organizing online gaming activities to bring us all together to enjoy something that we love….Gaming!

It’s Been quite the journey to get to where I am right now as a gamer, and and I am proud to say I love gaming and I always will. If you feel the same way then join me in holding the Gamers Archive flag high!

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