Visual Novel Maker – Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series Vol.9 system requirements

About Visual Novel Maker – Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series Vol.9

The popular Japanese Anime Voices: Male Character Series from TK Projects is back with its ninth edition, bringing even more spoken Japanese phrases to the RPG Maker Series. These are perfect for adding even more life to your male RPG characters.

Japanese Anime Voices: Male Characters Series Vol. 9 allows creators to add life and emotion to their male characters by giving them a range of expressions. Prepare to hear your male characters speak towards victory, suspicion, running away, dying, being unable to fight, weak to strong attacks, discovery, satisfaction, and so many more with 126 total phrases.


* 126 Japanese Anime style male voices (phrases)
* OGG, M4A formats included
* Male voices (in Japanese phrases) for Visual Novel Games, RPGs and much more!
* English translation list included

Terms of Use:

* For use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice
* OK to be used in Commercial projects
* Contents can be edited
* OK for use in games with gore
* OK for use in adult-rated games


1 001_Start1.wav おっしゃあいくぜぇ! All right! Let’s go! 開始1
2 002_Start2.wav やっちまおうぜぇ! Let’s tear them apart! 勝利1
3 003_Victory1.wav 俺の勝ちぃ~! I won! 4 004_Victory2.wav 大☆勝☆利っっっ! What a☆huge☆win! 勝利2
5 005_Follow1.wav あいよ! Got it! 指示に従う1
6 006_Follow2.wav がってん! No problem! 指示に従う2
7 007_Choice1.wav どうしやすか? What is it? 選択1
8 008_Choice2.wav 指示をくれよぉ! Tell me what to do! 選択2
9 009_Runaway1.wav あーばよ! Later! 逃走1
10 010_Runaway2.wav にげろにげろ~! Run! Run! 道具使用1
11 011_Tool use1.wav 使うぜ~! I’ll use this! 12 012_Tool use2.wav これを、使っちゃうぜ~? I’m gonna use this. 道具使用2
13 013_Healthy turn1.wav 絶好調! Things are going great! ターン経過_元気1
14 014_Healthy turn2.wav いくぜぇ~? Here I go! ターン経過_元気2
15 015_Dying turn1.wav ちくしょう… Damn it… ターン経過_瀕死1
16 016_Dying turn2.wav やべぇよ… Crap… ターン経過_瀕死2
17 017_Abnormal state turn1.wav ぐええ… Ugggh… ターン経過_状態異常1
18 018_Abnormal state turn2.wav おごごご… Owww… 戦闘不能1
19 019_Unable to fight1.wav チクショーーー! Damn it! 20 020_Unable to fight2.wav もう、だめだぁ… I can’t, go on… 戦闘不能2
21 021_Damage1.wav うおっ Whoa! ダメージ1
22 022_Damage2.wav いてっ Ow! ダメージ2
23 023_Damage3.wav くそっ Damn it! ダメージ3
24 024_Damage4.wav ちいっ Shit! ダメージ4
25 025_Damage5.wav ぐっ Guh! ダメージ5
26 026_Large damage1.wav ぐおお! Guwhooa! 大ダメージ1
27 027_Large damage2.wav ぎゃああ! Gaaaah! 28 028_Large damage3.wav ぎええーーー! Guweeeh! 大ダメージ3
29 029_Large damage4.wav いてぇよぉ~! That really hurt! 大ダメージ4
30 030_Large damage5.wav ヒィィィィ! Hweeeh! 大ダメージ5
31 031_No damage1.wav きかね~なぁ~? That didn’t hurt! ノーダメージ1
32 032_No damage2.wav かゆくもねぇや! That didn’t even itch! ノーダメージ2
33 033_Weak attack1.wav おら Oh? 弱攻撃1
34 034_Weak attack2.wav よっ Yo! 弱攻撃2
35 035_Weak attack3.wav そーら Take that! 弱攻撃4
36 036_Weak attack4.wav へっ Heh! 37 037_Weak attack5.wav ふんっ Hmph! 弱攻撃5
38 038_Medium attack1.wav おらあっ Hiya! 中攻撃1
39 039_Medium attack2.wav どりゃあっ Omph! 中攻撃2
40 040_Medium attack3.wav こなくそ! Damn it! 中攻撃3
41 041_Medium attack4.wav このやろー! You little! 中攻撃4
42 042_Medium attack5.wav だー! Gah! 中攻撃5
43 043_Strong attack1.wav ヒャッハー! Hyaahaa! 強攻撃2
44 044_Strong attack2.wav くらいやがれ! Eat this! 45 045_Strong attack3.wav やってやるぜー! I got you now! 強攻撃3
46 046_Strong attack4.wav おりゃあああ! Hiyaaaaa! 強攻撃4
47 047_Strong attack5.wav ぶっつぶしてやるぜー! Gah! I’m gonna crush you! 強攻撃5
48 048_Recover1.wav 大丈夫かぁ? You okay? 回復1
49 049_Recover2.wav しょうがねぇなぁ I have no choice…. 回復2
50 050_Recover3.wav 援護するぜ! I got your back! 回復3
51 051_Ok1.wav ああ Sure. 肯定1
52 052_Ok2.wav おう You got it. 肯定2
53 053_Ok3.wav いいぜ All right. 肯定3
54 054_Deny1.wav だめだ No. 否定1
55 055_Deny2.wav やだね Not happening. 否定2
56 056_Deny3.wav ちげーよ Nope! 相槌1
57 057_Aha1.wav ほーん I see. 58 058_Aha2.wav ほお Oh ho. 相槌2
59 059_Aha3.wav おぉ Ohh… 相槌3
60 060_Reply1.wav あん? Hm? 返事1
61 061_Reply2.wav おーん? Huh? 返事2
62 062_Reply3.wav あんだ? What? 返事3
63 063_Discover1.wav んあ? Wha? 発見1
64 064_Discover2.wav あーん? Hmmm? 発見3
65 065_Discover3.wav お? Oh? 66 066_Thinking1.wav んあ~… Ahhh… 思考1
67 067_Thinking2.wav うーん… Hmmm… 思考2
68 068_Thinking3.wav んーっとぉー? Umm… 思考3
69 069_Thinking4.wav あるぇ~? What the? 思考4
70 070_Suspicious1.wav あぁ? Huh? 訝しい1
71 071_Suspicious2.wav ほぉん… Oh ho… 訝しい2
72 072_Joy1.wav よっしゃ! All right! 喜び2
73 073_Joy2.wav へっへー! Heh heh! 74 074_Joy3.wav やったぜ! We did it! 喜び3
75 075_Anger1.wav んだとぉ!? What did you say!? 怒り1
76 076_Anger2.wav あ”ぁ”!? What!? 怒り2
77 077_Feel down1.wav ちっ… Damn it… 落ち込み1
78 078_Feel down2.wav あ~ぁ Aww man… 落ち込み2
79 079_Shyness1.wav ヒィー! Whoa! 恥じらう1
80 080_Shyness2.wav ひぇぇ~! Hweeh! 満足1
81 081_Satisfaction1.wav うっし! All right! 82 082_Satisfaction2.wav げぇっへっへ Geh heh heh! 満足2
83 083_Shy1.wav へへへ… Heh heh heh… 照れ1
84 084_Shy2.wav ま、まぁこんなもんよ! W, Well, that’s how it is! 照れ2
85 085_Surprise1.wav あんだって!? What did you say!? 驚き1
86 086_Surprise2.wav うおおっと!? Whoooa!? 驚き2
87 087_Laugh1.wav うぇっへへへ Uweh heh heh heh! 笑い1
88 088_Laugh2.wav ヒャヒャヒャ! Hya hya hya! 笑い2
89 089_Bitter smile1.wav へ、へへ… Heh, heh heh… 90 090_Bitter smile2.wav はは…まじかよ… Haha…Seriously…? 苦笑2
91 091_Grin1.wav ほぉ~~~ん? Is that so? ニヤニヤ1
92 092_Grin2.wav へぇ~~~? Really? ニヤニヤ2
93 093_Weep1.wav ぐっぐひっひっ… Uggh Guuh… 泣き1
94 094_Weep2.wav うぉおお~~~ん Uwoooh! 泣き2
95 095_Thank you1.wav ありがとよ! Thanks! お礼1
96 096_Thank you2.wav 助かったぜ! You’re a lifesaver! お礼2
97 097_Praise1.wav やるじゃねぇか! Not bad! 褒める2
98 098_Praise2.wav すげぇー! That was amazing! 99 099_Apologize1.wav あ、わりぃ Ah, sorry… 謝る1
100 100_Apologize2.wav すまねぇ… My bad… 謝る2
101 101_Amazed1.wav はぁ~ Haa… 呆れ1
102 102_Amazed2.wav やれやれだぜぇ Oh brother… 呆れ2
103 103_Abuse1.wav ばっきゃろう! Bastard! 罵倒1
104 104_Abuse2.wav あのなぁ! Look! 罵倒2
105 105_Request1.wav 頼むよぉ! I’m begging you! お願い2
106 106_Request2.wav よろしく! I’m counting on you! 107 107_Hello1.wav よう! Yo! 挨拶1
108 108_Hello2.wav おーう How’s it going? 挨拶2
109 109_Call1.wav なぁ Hey. 呼ぶ1
110 110_Call2.wav あのよぉ Umm… 呼ぶ2
111 111_Call strongly1.wav うおぃぃぃ! Uwoooh! 強く呼ぶ1
112 112_Call strongly2.wav おいコラ! Hey!
113 113_Watch out1.wav っ!!! Ah!!! 叫ぶ1
114 114_Watch out2.wav あぶねえ! Watch out! 115 115_Hold1.wav よっと Omph! 物を持つ1
116 116_Hold2.wav おらよっと Hmph! 物を持つ2
117 117_Hand over1.wav おらよ Here. 物を渡す1
118 118_Hand over2.wav やるよ You can have this. 物を渡す2
119 119_Get shocked1.wav んだと… What the…? ショック1
120 ショック2 120_Get shocked2.wav はぁ~? Huuuh? 別れ1
121 121_Good bye1.wav じゃあな See you later. 別れ2
122 122_Good bye2.wav あばよ! Later! 123 123_growth_Enhanced1.wav うおおおーー! Whoooa! 成長_強化時1
124 124_growth_Enhanced2.wav みなぎってきたあ! It’s filling me up! 成長_強化時2
125 125_growth_Level up1.wav 俺様、最強! I’m the strongest! 成長_レベルアップ時1
126 126_growth_Level up2.wav なんでもかかってきやがれ! I can take anyone on! 成長_レベルアップ時2

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