StreamGods – Streamer Tycoon system requirements

About StreamGods – Streamer Tycoon

StreamGods is a streamer RPG-Simulation game,
inspired by games like The Sims and Game Dev Tycoon, on steroids. tons of it.


Become a streamer, in your way.

  • Choose talk topics and which game to stream
  • Be aggressive, chill, toxic, comedian, or a serious streamer
  • Interact with your chat & community
  • Ban trolls or they will hurt your mental health
  • Collab, Raid, or Battle with other streamers
  • Level up and learn new skills that will help you become better


Become better, in any way.

  • Learn gaming, streaming, marketing, entrepreneurship, or social skills
  • Become a platform’s affiliate and a partner
  • Get better gear or upgrade your current ones
  • Attract big companies and gain sponsors for your stream
  • Use your income to hire staff members, or go solo
  • Move to bigger rooms, and design everything

Be part of the streaming community

Use social media for your advantage

  • Develop relationships with the biggest streamers
  • Roast and make fun of other streamers for your own popularity
  • StreamSnipe others, and even swat them
  • Battle them, and steal their viewers
  • Invite streamers you love to your stream team


Perfect your business

  • Research on the latest gaming trends, and see what’s best to stream
  • Use marketing campaigns and grow a uTube channel
  • Promote moderators and reduce toxicity in your community
  • Balance your ads and sponsors to avoid being a sellout
  • Optimize your subscriptions tiers with different pricing and rewards for maximum profit
  • Pay attention to your community, so they will stick around

Become a Stream GOD

Dominate the streaming world

  • Participate in interviews and conventions
  • Battle in the top esport tournaments
  • Negotiate exclusivity deals
  • Sell your own merch
  • Get a pet, like a true POG
  • Buy hacks on the dark web, like a true noob
  • Earn elite gear


  • OS: Windows XP and above
  • Processor: 1.2Ghz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 12MB