Shattering Obsidian Demo system requirements

About Shattering Obsidian Demo

Shattering Obsidian is an epic, Indie, fantasy and steampunk rpg, which centres around exciting narrative and character development. A setting, and story,
unlike anything you have played before.

The Obsidian Tower, a column of black, volcanic glass, held together by elemental runes, has stood for centuries. Inside it live the Tower-folk, ever enduring against the relentless attacks of the Naga.

A young Runeward, called Nisha, tends to these elemental runes, as she tends to the wounds of the warriors fighting. in sun-blazed armour, the threat from the skies. Dismissed as a mere apprentice, Nisha’s world is one of service to the Obsidian Tower. Yet, Runewards once wielded great forces through symbols of power. But, that is ancient history.

Some fear that the Tower-folk have grown fat and lazy. Some fear that they can no longer fight as fiercely as their ancestors. Most, however, feel it best not to worry, not to question the status quo.

For all they know, the Tower stands strong, a beacon of humanity in a world of monstrosity. A world where the ground has become a stranger to those descendants of the tribe who pierced the sky and found a fortress.

But, what if that Tower should fall?

-Epic, Indie fantasy role-playing adventure in a unique world.
-Experience playing as a Healer and break the heroic mold.
-Uncover the fascinating lore of the Obsidian Tower, and the surrounding world.
-Many different endings. Your choices will change the world.
-Hand-crafted graphics and music.
-Based on a collection of short stories, the first of which has been published in ‘Bards and Sages’ magazine.
-An adventure with lots of replay value.

CHAPTER 1 and 2 available from release. All future chapters (chapters 3-6) will be included as free updates to anyone who has purchased the game, as and when released.
Price may be subject to increase as future chapters are released but will not affect anyone who has already bought the game.


  • OS: Windows 7 or later