RPG Maker MZ – Yokai Parade system requirements

About RPG Maker MZ – Yokai Parade

Please read before you buy!

Please note that "RPG Maker MZ – Yokai Parade" and "RPG Maker MV -Yokai Parade" are the same pack, only the title "MV" and "MZ" are different. The content in these packs are exactly the same, so if you already have one of these packs, you don’t have to purchase the other!

About the Game

With over 80 unique monster images, this creature pack has everything you need to flesh out your far east epic! Based off myths and legends of ancient Japan, from the lowliest yokai to the grandest dragon, and compatible with over 1000+ free battlers by Thalzon!

In Japanese folklore, Yōkai are a class of supernatural monsters and spirits. The word yōkai means bewitching, attractive, yet dangerous and also refers to mystery, spectres, and apparitions. Bring elements of the supernatural and danger into your Asian themed games today!


* 80 Unique Asian themed monsters
* Matches well with Thalzons previous packs
* For use in RPG Maker MV or the engine of your choice!

  • Additional Notes: System supporting RPG Maker MZ