Queen’s Revolution ~ the romance in upheavals ~ system requirements

About Queen’s Revolution ~ the romance in upheavals ~

Romance game for girls. You, a high school student, become a worthless queen with zero magic ability. A magician fiancé weaving plans to usurp the throne; a werewolf knight with strong desires to execute; an elf ranger stirring up rebellions against the system…When the turbulence of Magic Empire inevitably comes, you decide to take up your last resort, a weapon named "science".

in development


By the time I woke up from that perfectly normal sleep I had in my bed, “I” have already been transported mythically to a magical world. Prior to that nap, I was nothing more than a regular high school student; yet now, I am gloriously recognized as a worthless queen with zero magic ability.

"How can we ever have queen that know absolutely no magic?" "The Kingdom is doomed!" "Only a best magician shall be qualified enough to reign our realm!" In this world where magic appears to be everything, people say so.

To ensure a stable transition of the power after his decease, our beloved former emperor engaged "I", the princess and heir of the Kingdom, to the only son of the great mage. But after his death, the overbearing ambition of the fiancé unfolded gradually: to collude with the supreme association of magicians, seize the power of the new queen, and hopefully, without any surprise, claim the throne that is still temporarily mine.

In such a precarious situation, perhaps the only person “I” have on my side is a werewolf knight. However, unable to integrate into the elite class of magicians and thus having no say or title, he seems to be in the same boat with me – dream and visions in the head, yet no cards to play in the hands.

One after another, uprising broke out, organized by a half blood elf ranger. However, the almighty magician association has so far extinguished every attempt of revolt with fierce suppressions. A few hot-blooded rebels among all who actually master magic may never rival the association, not to mention bringing progresses to the war. Will someone take the lead in their fight, and show them a way out?

Plague, natural disasters … more misfortunes are on their way. To save this magical empire from the turbulence, it appears that “I” only have one thing left in my armory to wield – a weapon goes by the name “science”!


Human, the only son of the great mage, genius of magic, the childhood sweetheart and fiance of the queen.
Considered one of the more talented new generation of magicians, William is second to none in the Kingdom. People seems to be more in favor of his lead compared to that worthless queen.
"It’s not like what have been intended… I wanted to protect her… "
"Nothing is on par with a taste of power."
Caught in the middle of convoluted power and desire, he has his own choice to make.

Werewolf, an abandoned child of minority descendant, highly proactive, knight of the queen.
In the Kingdom, ethnical minorities who share close ties to the wild animals are always looked down upon, as if only those who master magics are worthy of power.
"Please forgive me for overstepping your majesty, but I always feel that… we are very similar…"
"We’ll prove ourselves, right?"
In endless malice, we advance jointly, no longer alone.

Half-blood elf, rangers who have wandered this Kingdom for hundreds of years, senior leader of civic rebellions.
After hundreds of years roaming around a dull magical realm, he decided to bring some brighter elements to not only his long-lasting life, but the society as well.
"At first it seems to be merely a bad wish of mine, but you let me know that sickness is haunting this land… "
"If you are on it, this could never fail."
He seems to find some real goals in the helpless chaos.

  • OS: Windows 7 or 10
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space