PUBG Mobile – PlayerUnknown Battle Ground Mobile

Player Unknown Battle Ground also commonly known by it’s acronym PUBG Mobile, is an online multiplayer battle royal developed in 2018 by South Korea’s PUBG corporation and Krafton inc.
Basically, ‘Last player or team standing wins’ is the rule of the game.

How to Customize your PUBG Mobile character?
Before the real gaming begins, players must create their own character or avatar with various options to choose from including sex, skin color, hair style, hair color and basic clothing or even just plain under garments if you’re into that kinda of a thing Lol. You can also access different skins for your character and weapons by completing achievements, opening crates, Using redeem codes, increasing rankings, free royal pass rewards And more.

What happens when you are in a PUBG Mobile lobby?

Each match requires up to 100 players so you will have to wait a couple of minutes in the lobby while the game gathers up the rest of the players, feel free to run around and punch a few guys while you wait. As you wait for the match to start you can throw apples at other players just a fun little activity while you wait!

What happens when the match starts in PUBG?

Now the real gaming begins! After all players are gathered up, they are flown off to an island and have to parachute down to whatever location of the island they choose. Depending on the game mode, teams are made and If the game mode is squad then teams of 4 are made, if the mode is duo, teams of 2 are made and if the mode is solo, then it’s every player For themselves!

After the drop off Players have to stealthily navigate the island, either on foot or vehicle, in search of weapons, armor, ammunition’s, first aid kits and other collectables that can be found in crates or just lying around in buildings. Be sure to be alert because there will be other players lurking around! After you have collected weapons, it’s time to shoot some people because punches aren’t really anyone’s choice of attack.

PUBG Red Zone
Players have to keep watch for the ‘red zone‘. The red zone is basically a danger zone in Random locations of the map that gets bombed, so players within that area will receive massive damage! Booming’s can be avoided by evading the red zone or taking shelter in buildings within the red zone.

PUBG Blue Zone
The blue zone! As the game progresses the number of players starts to reduce because some have been eliminated. The blue zone is an area indicated by a blue circle on the map and players must be within that area to avoid receiving damage from a somewhat energy field that exists outside the blue zone. The purpose of the blue zone is to reduce playable areas on the map so the remaining players can battle it out within a small radius.

To make things even more exciting, PUBG Has a Number of fun events and maps available to explore. Additional downloads will be required to access some of the maps and events while others will have to be unlocked.

Below is a video of a game play of PUBG Mobile.

You can start playing Player Unknown Battle Ground with people across the globe on both iOS and android for selected devices. Below are minimum requirements for iOS, android and PC:

Minimum System requirements for PUBG Mobile

To get a great gaming experience, Make sure your device meets our recommend minimum and optimal requirements.