Power league guide season 4 -brawl stars

hey everyone and we are back with another blog and in today’s blog we are going to discuss some power league tips and tricks keep in mind that this will only be viable for season 4 power league brawl stars ie brawl pass once upon a time brawl so get ready for some tips on power league brawl stars

so let’s get straight into it…..


the maps are pretty unique and amazing to play, I think that this time they made some really competitive maps like hot potato of the heist, dry season of bounty, rings of fire of hot zone, and hard rock mine of gem grab they all are really competitive to play, so you have to come up with a strategy.

one thing that I found is brawlers who can find enemies in bushes like tara, Mr p or can hit over every corner of maps like tick or rick works really well in this season.

also, keep in the mind that siege has been removed from the power league which I think due to not being a proper playing game, ie getting bolts and get bots or attacking enemy siege, also there are many brawlers who are literally overpowered in siege due to there ability,

like penny she can place turret outside of the siege and attack siege, lou can stop enemy siege with his super, belle can literally stop enemy siege bot with his super can attacks, and many more…

2. go for the best brawler in the maps- power league brawl stars:

i don’t know why but I am having some gut intuition that playing with the brawlers who are good in that particular map can be a really good idea, I also had this experience that when I preferred max brawler over best brawler for the maps I saw that in most of the cases I lost, but when I went for the brawler who is best in map worked best for me,

for example- in the map bridge too far I tried a lot of time many brawlers which are max like 8-bit, Jessie, etc… but In most of the cases I lost, but when I tried the brawler which was not maxed like byron and belle they are literally outplayed the enemy.

3. don’t die:

whenever I play in a team and other teammates ask me for advice I say don’t die…..

believe if you don’t die or try not to die you will win the match because there are lots of things that help you when you play safe

like you help your teammates.

you can create lane control.

and many more…

so it is better to move back gain health and then come back, instead of dying.

4. overpowered brawler in power league brawl stars:

after the balance changes and one emergency nerfs we finally had a list of some overpowered brawlers

they are :

Mortis: many players are still thinking that Mortis is using his both-star power and it’s a glitch.

Edgar: after a huge nerf in the month of March, Edgar is now back with his real potential.

sandy: always overpowered due to his invisibility super.

griff: griff has a lot of potentials to destroy the enemy, but don’t why players are not using him.

5. go for the expertise brawler :

if you are in a map in which you don’t know which brawler to go then go for the max brawlers, but if you don’t think that any of the maxed brawlers will work then go for the brawlers whose gadget you think can work best for the maps,

thank you for reading…..

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