One Deck Dungeon – Abyssal Depths system requirements

About One Deck Dungeon – Abyssal Depths

Drip… drip… drip… something is lurking in the Abyssal Depths, and it promises to make any excursion into the dungeon even more perilous!


The Abyssal Depths brings a completely new mechanic to the game – 6 terrifying Fiends who hound you throughout your entire quest to reach the boss:

  • Endless Kelp
  • Merflection
  • Sharkwisp
  • Spout Elemental
  • Terrorshell
  • Tidal Snake

Fiends have their own challenge boxes that can be filled at any time, even over multiple encounters. By filling all the boxes you can confront the Fiend, reduce its terrible effects, and claim a bonus! However, the Fiend won’t give up so easily – the Threat Level rises again whenever you descend.

Note: The Tidal Snake Fiend requires Forest of Shadows.


Abyssal Depths also brings 2 new heroes to the fight:

The magical Aquamancer brings a tsunami of heroic dice to the fight, while the Stalwart Dragoon wields her trident with considerable strength.


  • Additional Notes: No additional requirements