Mixology system requirements

About Mixology

This is not just any drinking game! Welcome to the Mixology Hostess Club, dear customer! You seem to have accidentally stumbled upon this club but, oh well! Time for drinks and most importantly… the hostesses! Chat them up, buy them drinks and learn their stories. Successfully woo them and you could become more than just a customer!

Take your pick of one out of the 4 love interests or… why not choose them all? There might be even more routes to choose from…

Chat Them Up
Flirt with them and learn their stories. Earn hearts to gain affection from the girls! But choose your answers wisely or they might kick you out!

Buy Drinks
You have to order drinks too! Have your pick from our ‘large’ assortment of delicious cocktails. You can choose to save your money of course, but choosing it too many times will label you a cheapskate… forever!

Free Time
After you end a session with your girl, you’ll be given some free time to go wherever you like. Random events may happen, resulting in the gain or loss of corks (money!!!)

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Not a potato
  • Memory: 3 MB RAM
  • Storage: 363 MB available space