Lucy Got Problems – Artbook and Wallpapers (Silver Edition) system requirements

About Lucy Got Problems – Artbook and Wallpapers (Silver Edition)

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About the Game

Do you like Lucy Got Problems? Do you like juicy and colorful pics? Do you like insights on how things are made? Do You like silly memes? Do you like cake and elfgirls?

You’ve come to the right place, as this artbook has it all!

Also, it has some spoilers, so you might want to start with getting that Tiamat ending first.


  • Various sketches and concept art with developer commentary
  • I mean, LOTS of developer commentary on basically everything
  • Sprites, backgrounds, and CGs
  • A set of wallpapers born to match your liking
  • At least two pages discussing the eerie nature of squirrels.
  • Cake (okay, fine, it’s just a recipe, but it’s easy, and it’s Lucy’s current favorite! NO BAKING!)

You can find the artbook inside your Steam game folder.

And remember! Every copy sold allows the devs to afford a nice stack of hay to sleep on and a fat rat to eat whilst marveling at your divinity.

  • Storage: 380 MB available space


  • Storage: 450 MB available space