Learn how to set color filters on Xbox Series X|S

The New and improved color filters are here to help gamers with color blindness or color vision deficiency. The filters are now available on Xbox Series X|S.

According to Xbox the color filters let you customize the visual experience and distinguish between colors that may otherwise appear similar. For example, by modifying the appearance of red or green tones makes those colors more distinguishable to players with red-green color blindness.

In gameplay, this can be especially important for quickly identifying game elements that might otherwise look similar or blend into the background. While some games implement similar filters individually, color filters apply to everything on Xbox Series X|S, including all games, movies, apps, and menus.

Below is a step by step on how to implement the filters:

  1. First go to settings
  2.  Accessibility
  3.  Color filters to pick and fine-tune a color filter

Please note that you can also turn color filters on and off from the guide below:

  1. Profile & system
  2.  Quick settings

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