Johnny Lionface Demo system requirements

About Johnny Lionface Demo

Try out this short Demo of Johnny Lionface, which includes the tutorial, colorful cutscenes, 3 characters to unlock and 4 areas to explore.

Johnny is the ultimate fighter, destined for greatness–at least he seems to think so. After getting rejected from the Gladiators’ Guild tryouts once again, he sets off on an adventure to become the gladiator he knows he can be. Along the way he’ll team up with a shotgun-toting schizoid mouse, a dancing kung-fu cat, and other colorful combatants.


  • Playground mode to try out all characters/abilities/runes not unlockable in the demo
  • 12 playable characters, from man-eating ghosts to killer robots to hippies
  • Swap party members at any save point
  • 200+ abilities to master. Each character can have 8 abilities equipped at a time and many have 15+ to choose from
  • 100+ runes (equipment modifiers). Each character can have up to 9 runes equipped at a time
  • No teammate left behind! The party levels up as one and shares the same equipment levels. Haven’t used a character in a while? No problem!
  • Save builds and share them with your friends
  • In-game bestiary gives you the scoop on dozens of enemies and bosses


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system