How To Qualify For Brawl Stars Championship 2021

How to qualify for brawl stars championship 2021?

Monthly Qualifiers

Each region will hold their own MQ. Qualified players will receive a notification to register for the respective month’s MQ.

The MQ will be played across two (2) days. Teams compete in Swiss-style the weekend after the CC. All matches are played in best-of-three (Bo3) with Bo3 games. Due to the Swiss-style bracket having no eliminations, Teams are encouraged to continue playing even if they’re out of contention for an MF slot since each win accumulates points to a WF slot!

You must have a Team of three (3) or four (4) players to be allowed to compete in the MQ. The Top eight (8) Teams from each region, their MQ will advance to the MF!

Every region will begin MQ one week after the end of the previous CC.

Hey archivers, I hope you all are doing great and in today’s articles I am going to talk about how to qualify for brawl stars championship 2021. This article will not only help you how to qualify the 2021 championship but also in every qualifier match. I will share all the tips and tricks that can help you getting wins.

PS: Keep in mind that this is just a game, if you win, well congratulations, but if you don’t, no worry, you can still try again next month.

Why is this championship so important?

There are many reasons why this is so important for any brawl stars player.

  1. You will get huge respect in brawl stars community even if you didn’t win,
  2. You will be known as best player in brawl stars,
  3. You can use this advantage to generate content to grow your YouTube channel and make money using your Channel,
  4. Huge prize pool.

What is the price pool of the brawl stars championship 2021??

It was decided that the prize pool for brawl stars championship 2021 should be $500,000 dollars.

Tips and tricks for playing and winning brawl stars championship qualifiers

1. Don’t play in intial.

I will say not to play championship just after the championship starts, why am I telling you this, because there are a lot of players who can be more experienced than you. My advice is to wait and play in the mid.

I know a lot of YouTubers or content creators will tell you to start now, which can be good for content creators and the people who are good with Brawl Stars. But my advice is to wait and in the mid of the time when the challenge is about to end. Playing at last is good, but now, there are many players who do this, I say that if you have a team wait for the last moment and play, and if you don’t have just play in the middle of the time.

2. Play in team

Playing with random squad is always a bad idea. Always look for a team, if you don’t have a team, don’t just go and start playing with anyone, try check there profiles, especially the power league rank because nowadays anyone can get high trophy easily but getting a power league rank is a bit hard. But still that alone won’t help much you also have to check their brawlers.

3. Check for stats

There are many websites that can tell you which brawler is good and which one is not, sites like or even here on Gamers Archives Brawl Stars Page. Brawl stats are the best website to check which brawler is good and which is not, so always use these websites, also don’t forget to check their MVP rate and usage rate, this is where people select the wrong brawler, they just see the stats and select the brawler, so don’t do that.

4. Comfortable brawler

If you don’t find a good brawler then go for the brawler that you feel comfortable with. And If that’s the case my advice to you is try to ask amongst your teammates who can manage to use the brawlers on the brawler stats.

5. Lane control

Lane control in Brawl Stars means handling the area which you were allotted. Probably this is the most important tip to play brawl stars championship qualifiers, this can help you in getting chocked or blocked at one place, this can also help you in maintaining the pressure on the team.

6. Don’t die

If you die, you lose. Why not dying is so important? not dying helps in maintaining pressure, you may get pressured if you die, so if your health is low go back and gain health and then take the fight. Sacrifice can be good but unnecessary sacrifice is waste of time.

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