How to play power league??? and earn more reward than you ever earned

How to play power league??? and earn more reward than you ever earned!

Some basics of power league

Power League matches are formatted as a two-win tournament, where the first team to win two matches wins the tournament. Games in a match are played on a single randomly selected mode and a map that is picked when players are in queue. Maps can be previewed throughout the matchmaking stages. Both teams have a Team Captain, which in Solo Mode is decided by the player with the highest progression, and in Team Mode is decided by the creator of the game room. Team Captains blind ban a Brawler at the same time with the ban and pick phase happening prior to starting the match. Once a Brawler has been banned or picked from either side, no player can pick them for the match. Each team queue mode has separate matchmaking and rank progression. After all Brawlers are picked, each player has 10 seconds to choose Star Powers and Gadgets if eligible.

Players are matched based on their current Power League Rank. Solo mode has a hard limit of +/- 2 Ranks difference allowed for the players in the match. Team mode allows any players with any Rank to play in the team, and the matchmaking is done based on the highest Rank player in the team. The higher the Rank of your opponent, the more progress your earn. Player’s Rank will decay after every end of Season with the top 500 players also needing to stay active for the whole duration of the Season in order to retain their Rank. They need to play at least one match per 7 days or they will lose their progression per inactive week until they aren’t listed in the Top 500 anymore. Leaving at any point after the matchmaking begins will result in banning the player from Power League for a specific amount of time. Ranking placement for the first Power League season is based on the highest Power Play rating a player has achieved; otherwise players will start at Bronze.

Reward list

Season End Rewards
Highest LeagueEnd LeagueStar Points
Bronze IBronze I500
Bronze IIBronze II1000
Bronze IIIBronze III2000
Silver ISilver I2500
Silver IISilver II3000
Silver IIISilver III3750
Gold ISilver III4500
Gold IIGold I5500
Gold IIIGold II7000
Diamond IGold III8750
Diamond IIDiamond I10000
Diamond IIIDiamond II12500
Mythic IDiamond II15000
Mythic IIDiamond III17500
Mythic IIIMythic I20000
Legendary IMythic II25000
Legendary IIMythic III30000
Legendary IIILegendary I40000
MastersLegendary I500


Tips and tricks to get more rewards:

  1. Don’t die:

Keep this in mind, if you are dying too much, then surely you are gonna lose power league. Power league is a game mode in which you have to play in a team, and work as a team and that’s why you have two option, either go solo or team mode.
Your mind – What not dying is so important???
Here is the answer: Not dying helps in many things like
Maintaining pressure on opponent,
Maintain lane control, which help others to stay strong,
Helps in pushing back enemy easily and many more…
So try not to dye if your health is too low move back get healed and then go back and fight. Don’t risk it to fight with low health.

2.META OR Max Level Brawler or Helping Brawler:

In brawl stars meta means brawler which works best in that particular map mode.
Like in purple paradise brawlers who are in the category of sharpshooters works really really well and meta in this maps are Piper , Brock, Byron e.t.c


  • Max Level Brawlers are Brawlers which are Maxed
  • Helping Brawlers are brawlers that can help other teammates’ brawlers like Barley
  • Throwers are indeed of help in close fights so brawlers like Pam [can heal and deal high damage ], Bull deal high dps damage
  • Darryl and others brawlers can help Barley and throwers.

Now the question we can ask ourselves is, among the brawlers which type of brawler should you go for when playing power league? I would say if you are playing solo mode go for the max level brawler, if you have a team of friends then go for the helping brawlers and if you are going for random squads, go with meta brawler.

3.Defensive or offensive:

Another question we should ask ourselves is, when should we play offensive and defensive? and if you asked yourself this question, well you are lucky that the below paragraph is the answer to the above question.
First before you start attacking, play defensive so that you can understand the opponent’s strategy,
and if you team is good in health then slowly start pushing the enemy back by playing aggressive and keep any eye on your teammates, if any of them lose a lot of health or about to die, then try to help and play defensive. Just like this you have to keep switching your attack strategy. In short for you to win you have to know when you can attack or defend.

4.Lane control:

Don’t just go to the center, keep an eye on your teammates and know where they are going and then decide were to to go. And always look for the lane which is empty, most pros use this tactic so that they can have lane control and push an enemy back. If you still don’t know which lane you should take, look for an area were you think you can attack easily with your Brawler.
For example if you are playing with Barley or Dynamike then you should choose a lane where you can hide and attack an enemy easily. Or if you are playing with EMZ then you should look for a lane from where you can shoot your attack widely.

5. Ban brawlers:

Players often get confused which brawler to ban or not to ban. If you are one of them, then follow the rule below:
Ban those brawler you don’t usually use and those that are locked.
How is this going to help you?
Banning brawlers that you don’t usually use and those that are locked can be a good idea because you don’t have enough information on the same brawlers and it can be a nightmare when facing them.

Note: Understanding your enemies is number one step in defeating them.

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