How Brawlers Were Impacted with Respawning without Ammo In Brawl Stars

In this article I am going to talk about the recent impact of respawning to Brawlers.

I will divide the brawlers into different categories and explain how they have been impacted with the change.

1 Throwers in Brawl Stars:

When I heard this change, the first thing that came to my mind was throwers. And am sure you had the same reaction. It’s obvious that everyone had the same reaction because throwers are weak. And this is because they need to throw something for them to attack and when you auto-aim to attack, then they is a high chance that the enemy will dodge all your shots.

Another problem with throwers is that they have to throw 2-3 shots to kill or stop any brawler, and am sure everyone can testify that this is becoming very hard to do.

Game modes like brawl ball, siege and heist, these are modes were it was hard to play with throwers, but now it’s even harder.

2. Long Range or Sharpshooter in Brawl Stars:

Block, Piper, Belle, Byron are brawlers who fall in this category.

Sharpshooter or long range brawlers were know for shooting from a far distance and because of this they got some buffs and nerfs. Actually all the brawlers got some nerfs and buffs because of the same.

Anyway, now sharpshooters can deal damage to the enemy from a distance without fear of being killed because they know that the brawler has respawned and has only 1 ammo that can not kill them. And this is one of the advantages of being a sharpshooter.

The reason why I mentioned sharpshooter being buffed is because they were not good in close range, and most of the brawlers who were good in close range got nerfed.

When it comes to game modes, game modes like bounty and showdown are now a nightmare for them.

3. High DPS [Damage per Second]:

Brawlers like Pam, Colt, bull falls in this cateogry:

If they are players who are happy right now are those who are using brawlers with high DPS. The reason is simple, they can deal a high amount of damage with just one shot, and this means that whether they are defending or attacking, in both situation they got buffed.

To be honest I don’t think they were nerfed in any way, or in any game mode.

4. Heavyweights in Brawl Stars:

Brawlers like El primo, Frank, Rosa falls in this category.

Like DPS brawlers, heavyweights also got buffed, now they can charge their super more frequently. And because of this they are now in meta one. In brawl Ball they can simply go near the enemy goals and score a point without worrying of being killed. And if you look at basket brawl you will notice that Brawl Stars really wanted to bring heavyweights back into the meta. Which is not a surprise to me.

5. Assassins :

Brawlers like Mortis, Leon, Stu falls in this category :

Players who use brawlers in this category are the most unhappy because of the change, because now they can’t kill any brawler just after respawning if you ever noticed. And assassins needed about 3 shots to kill any brawlers but now they can’t do that after respawning.

Game modes like showdown, bounty, brawl ball were the modes where they got huge nerf.

6. Brawlers with pets or turret :

Brawlers lie like Penny, Tara, Nita, Jessie falls in this category.

The only brawlers who managed to balance themself are brawlers with turret or pets. They managed because they have handy helpers who always help them. The only thing you have to do with them is to charge you’re super and not to use until you respawn.

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