Gump_Commercial Licence system requirements

About Gump_Commercial Licence

Gump is about the boy genius doobie and his journey accross the land of gump. he invents his own tools and goes on to discover what lays ahead as the vast land of gump is filled with quibbles. quibbles dont like doobie. so they fight. till the end till te see the yellow submarine.

the game play is in two parts. one campaign mode and one custom game mode. the campaign mode is gradually going trough the land of gump and discovering the adventure ahead taking care. of bosses new quibbles and their witty ways to attack you. you are equipped with state of the art doobie equipments like the bowling bowl from your back pack to stun the quibbles and do some damage or may be you should put you time bomb on top of their head. if you’r not satisfied with that. there aret wo options. invent the guns and buy them in the gun shop and make a power charger that is a bio suite along with all the ammo you need.

the custom game lets you choose your own stage which is not in the campaign mode. these are mini-maps to practice and enjoy the duel with the quibbles and the bosses as you go along choosing your own custom stage and what you want to play with.

there is a secret way not only to buy the upgrades but the upgrades are so special that you get to know about them. in-fact there is a separate section a mini puzzle game that allows you to play with different elements to play with the different settings to invent and unlock the upgrades without score money to unlock them.

and thats the story of doobie and the gump. neither he is a mechtonic. nor is the quibbles are alien but in this mundane adventure they both fight with their wits along the land vast as gump.

  • OS: 7
  • Processor: i7
  • Graphics: 2gb
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: any