Grom star power comparison

hey everyone what is up and we are back with another blog in today’s blog we are going to the comparison of both star powers of grom in brawl stars

we will check his star power on all the parameters to find out where you should use these star power and how to use them…

so here we goooo…..

Grom star power comparison

Foot Patrol

when Grom’s Super is fully charged, he gains +15% faster movement speed!

with this star power when grom has super is ready to use his movement speed increases by 15%., the look of this star power is similar to jacky’s gadget in fact it works pretty similarly to her gadget, but it will be automatically activated once his super is ready to use


The split from Grom’s main attack deals up to 30% extra damage at max distance.

this star power increases his main attack damage by 30%, it is just like piper attack mechanism, when piper shoots her attack her damage increases based on the distance traveled by the attack, same grom star power x-factor also, on max distance his attack will deal 30% extra damage

one thing you have to keep in mind is that his attack damage will only increase only when his attack splits into 4 and deals damage, not by his attack range

Where to use them and where to not???

foot patrol:

when there are a lot of walls in the maps then you should consider his foot patrol star power, this can help you in defending with close-range brawlers when they are near you, you can simply circle around the walls to defend yourself

as compared to x factor grom star power this star power is pretty easy to use as you just have to charge your super

one thing that is bad for this is that grom is known for his supercharge attack and saving that just for speed is not that great, also if you have a max grom then use speed gear instead of this star power, which is not a proper alternate but a still good option if you don’t have this star power

also if you are playing game modes like brawl ball or heist, where you can do massive damage with his super, then don’t have this star power.

siege is a bit controversial for this because having bolts and moving back can be done easily with star power.

other games where this star power can be great are gem grab bounty, solo showdown.


using this star power can be a bit tricky as compared to the grom star power foot patrol, you have to throw his shots accurately to maximize his damage.

using this star power you can play offensive, as this grom star power lets you deal more damage than normal.

if you don’t have this star power you can use damage gear this can be a proper alternative to this star power if you want to have foot patrol star power.

grom star power x-factor can be used in any game mode, there is not a limitation of game modes to play with him.

in heist and siege you can deal massive damage far from distance, so using them especially on these game modes can be great

gadget compatibility:


Grom ejects a Watchtower from his Grom Bomb that gives all allies sight into bushes over a large area. The watchtower slowly loses health over time.

both the gadgets are really great to play with his gadget. but sometimes grom star power x-factor outshines his other star power since players will try to destroy his gadget watchtower so you can aim them with your shot when they are coming to destroy

In different map types:

maps with lots of bushes:

if there are a lot of bushes then go for his star power x-factor, because you can use his speed gear to speed up grom

maps without lots of walls:

if there are a lot of walls then go for the foot patrol and save your super, for a hard time, this star power can help you move away fro brawlers if there are any brawlers near you

open maps:

these are the maps which are pretty open, ie less or no walls, these maps are pretty bad for grom in fact all the throwers category brawlers like tick, sprout, dynamike they all are bad in this type of map, so try to avoid throwes in these maps, but still, if you want to play with grom then for any star power, both star powers are equally good

foot patrol can help you in defending shots from brawlers

while x-factor can help you in dealing more damage to brawler

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