Choice of the Vampire: St. Louis, Unreal City system requirements

About Choice of the Vampire: St. Louis, Unreal City

It’s the fourth volume of Choice of the Vampire! With the turning of the century, St. Louis sits at the navel of the United States. The elite of the city celebrate by throwing the party of all parties—the 1904 World’s Fair. Every vampire who is any vampire will be there!

As your character concludes their first century of unlife, they must navigate the waters of industrialization and urbanization. But a monster roams the Missouri countryside, hunting vampires. Will the vampire court of St. Louis tear itself apart even before he comes for their heartsblood? And how can this unreal city look to the future when the specters of the past refuse to stay dead?

  • Play as male or female; gay, straight, or pan; cis or trans.
  • Exploit the domains of humanity: become a patron of the arts, an advocate of the temperance movement, an underworld boss, an investor in industry, or a visionary of the world of the unseen.
  • Choose your prey: gamblers, artists, financiers, or workers. Hold your head up high and feed only from animals—or drink the heartsblood of your fellow vampires with gusto.
  • Survive the machinations of your fellow vampires, the malice of the mortals you have wronged, and the hunters who want to see your kind destroyed.
  • Unravel the mysteries of vampirekind.
  • Meet famous historical figures—and drink their blood.

Can the American Republic satiate you, or will you drain it dry?

  • OS: Windows 7