Brawler to select in power league || best brawler for power league || brawler you should upgrade asap

In the previous post, we talked about how you can earn higher reward and climb to the higher league, in case you did not read the article, below is the link.

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You must check above mentioned article, cause we talked about a lot of things that can help in playing power league in a much better way and at the same time having fun.


Power League is a mid-to-late game progression system that allows you to play unlimited matches. The game modes will only contain 3v3 game modes. Events will be random each time, so make sure you are ready for the challenge!

You can play solo or with a team. If playing in a team we recommend playing with the same people regularly or look for a team that gives you the best chances of winning and climbing through the Ranks.

The Power League Season lasts 10 weeks, and at the end of each League Season, rankings will be adjusted, and rewards are given based on the highest Rank you achieved in either Solo or Team Mode.

Brawlers list:

1 Nita:

Nita with Bear.

In season 6, Gold arm gang Nita has powers that you cannot imagine. Nita has a lot of abilities which anyone can utilize to win easily, she can stun an enemy, which can be useful in modes like a heist, brawl ball, gem grab, and bounty. With her star power BEAR, both can heal each other which can be an advantage in events like boss fight and supercity rampage.
Her star power HYPERBEAR can damage heist and siege very fast, the secret is to properly position the bear at a right place. The bear can act as a shield for your team with [ faux fox gadget] and without a gadget. And if the bear has been placed behind the walls, it can be dangerous to opponents who are using thrower brawlers.
And last but not the least her reloading speed is another thing that makes her to be easy to play with.

2. Byron

When we are talking about brawlers with lots of ability then how can we forget Byron. He is a brawler who has a lot of abilities like healing, deal damage, stop brawler’s reloading speed for a while. His attack can pierce through the brawlers.
And this is not the only reason why you should consider him, upgrading even after so many nerfs, Byron is still overpowered and if you think that he is not overpowered, then here is the proof why Byron was banned in June’s monthly qualifiers match and only overpowered Brawlers are banned in qualifiers.


Belle is the newest chromatic brawler that was unlockable with the season 6 brawl pass and she deals massive damage with her super, she can stop high-level siege easily, she can defend well, and can holder any heavyweights easily.
What else you want her to do? If you have a brawl pass then I would suggest you max her out as fast as you can.


When a brawl stars players think of frustration, then there is only one thing that comes to mind and that is Tick, Tick is a really frustrating brawler and if you know how to play with him then probably he is the best brawler to play and after they introduced a new gadget, he is not even more frustrating.


Poco is one of the most underrated brawlers in the whole game, even the community manager of Brawl Stars Frank said that once said that Poco is one of the most underrated brawlers in solo showdown, but he is really good,
not only solo showdown but also in 3v3 he is really amazing. The best part of Poco is that he can heal others which makes him so versatile that anyone can play with him easily

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