Brawl stars brawl talk – legendary sidekick

Hey everyone welcome to gamers archives and in this blog, we are going to discuss all things that we saw in the brawl talk, so without any further delay let’s get into the blog:.

the brawl stars brawl talk was not a seasonal update, ie no new chromatic brawler, no new brawl pass, just some quick updates.

meg the newest legendary brawler:

so finally after a year, we had a new legendary brawler meg, when we first saw her in the brawl talk we are like what the heck this, she is not looking legend in any way like other brawlers, but when Dani says “here comes the magic”, it was really like magic, she turns into a giant robot who shoots big lasers gun and has a secondary attack which is similar to bibi, and everyone got stunned for a minute, that was the really most amazing part of the brawl talk.

fun fact: the opposite of meg is gem

2. new skins:

when I first heard the dates of all the brawler’s skin date in the previous update, then I started thinking that we might have a brawl talk within the next 30 days, also paula said that we had 30 days to make a club of 30 members from 100,

anyways in this brawl talk, we got 2 new skins:

  1. time travel colette:

the most controversial skin of the brawl stars is finally here, this skin really divided the community into two parts 1 who is saying that skin was not that great as a comparison to other high voted skin, 2 who were supporting francy , her is the maker and winner of the lost in time Colette campaign,

2. v8 bit skin:

this skin will be available in the metropolis challenge where you can get this skin for free, and I think after that the skin will be available in the shop after a week for 29 or 49 gems.

club changes:

players thoughted that in this brawl talk they will come up with some information related to club changes, but they didn’t and this was one of the most disappointing things in the brawl talk, what they only said is they will come up with some new changes in the club soon, and in the previous brawl talk Paula said that we have 30 days to decide who to remove and who to not, and I think that on 28 September something will happen, because that is the date when brawl stars said that we have 30 days to remove members.

that’s wrong!

Ryan in the brawl talk:

on Twitter, Ryan tweeted and said that “finally a brawl talk without me”, and the brawl talk was about to end and players thoughted that Ryan will not be there in the brawl talk, but when Paula said “finally a brawl talk without”, there comes our favorite community manager Ryan in place of Dani.

I hope you like this post thank you for reading…

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