Brawl Stars boss fight the best brawler

hey everyone and welcome back to our blog and in today’s blog we are going to discuss the best brawler in boss fight brawl stars, so without any further delay let’s jump into it…

these brawlers are the best up-to-current date, ie upto20 September, it can be counted as depreciated, because brawl stars released brawlers in every brawl pass so keep this is mind, although we will try to update this list….

brawl stars boss fight best brawlers….


Edgar was the brawler which was known for his overpowered attacks and heals when he was released but after the month of February he got a lot of nerfs and due to that is not in meta too much, but recent buffs ie September balance changes brings him back to the meta, but when we talk about him events he was never out of the meta, especially in boss event.

the reason why he was on this list was because of his healing ability, his healing ability goes increases as he starts getting more, power cubes, and in a boss fight, after insane 1 players get a lot of power cubes that is enough to make Edgar overpowered in a boss fight

he was so overpowered in a boss fight that he literally kills god mode robots with his attack if he collects all the power cubes which are dropped by the boss in boss fight brawl stars.

read more about his gadgets here:

2. colonel ruffs:

the start force season was the season whose brawl talk was leaked and after that, it never happened, on this frank also said that they will try that this will never happen, but anyways colonel ruffs was a brawler who has a really amazing super, he calls for airdrop from the space which can increase the brawler’s attack percentage, and it was not enough that brawl stars team has released his second-star power which can increase overall health 30 per second to nearby brawler, every player who plays brawl stars was thinking that this star power is going to be overpowered and can break the game, but it never happened in fact players find that it was not useful as his first-star power, so his second-star powers played in events like Robo rumble, boss fight and super city rampage.

3. 8 bit:

8 bit deals massive damage with his one-shots, plus he can increase the attack damage by 30%, this 30% is one of the most helpful things in the game, he can one-shots angry robots with 1 shot if he shooting from inside the turret, also you can kill the boss robot instantly if you place the turret when he comes, so charge you self and place the turret when the boss robot comes.

and talking about his first-star power, the boosted booster is the best star power, because this star power provides 50% extra damage when dealing damage from inside the turret, speed is the essential requirement, high damage is the requirement.

if you have his second-star power go for his second gadget if you are playing with him, his second gadget helps a lot in cleaning out the robots when they got cluttered.

4. pam

Pam is Jessie’s mother in-game, so how we can forget her… she is a really amazing brawler to play in a boss fight, her gadget can heal friendly brawler in the turret, and also with her gadget she can heal instantly which is really important when a lot of robots get cluttered. and talking about her star power both gadgets are good when a lot of robots get cluttered, then her star power MAMA HUG was really helpful since she can heal brawlers even when she attacks, another thing is you just have to place her in the proper position where robots can’t destroy easily.

the only problem with pam is that she can’t deal a good amount of damage when the robot or brawler is far from distance.


if you are a fan of brawl stars events then you might have heard about the triple lou strategy, with this strategy lou can literally stop the boss moving just by hitting three shots whenever he attacks enemy stars freezing which helps a lot in this game mode, and also in a siege where you can stop siege bot completely just by Lou’s super

thank you for reading…

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