Block Wizard Demo system requirements

About Block Wizard Demo


Block Wizard is an arcade puzzle game that aims to challenge both your wits and speed!

As you awaken inside the fiendish labyrinth, the only goal in sight is a flight of stairs.

What awaits on the other side?


  • Experience the first 20 levels
  • Carry over your progress to the full game!


  • Play through each one of the 100 floors and race to the top, avoiding the nightmares in your way.
  • Change between a retro look or modern pixel art!

  • Solve challenging puzzles using your unique ability to modify the environment at will with your magic!

  • Play using responsive controls requiring precision and speed!

Use the in-game clock to beat your own scores!

What’s the fastest you can climb?


  • Unlock all 100 levels!
  • Use Level Select to practice any stage you want!
  • Use CHAOS mode to face every floor in a randomized order for a true test of skill.
  • Save your highscore!