Best Nana build 2024 | Emblems, Items, Strategy | Mobile Legends


In the ever-evolving world of Mobile Legends, staying ahead with the latest builds is crucial for success. Let’s delve into creating the optimal Nana build for the current meta. Learn more about Nana’s abilities, recommended items, emblems, and strategies to elevate your gameplay.


Hero TierS+
Movement SPD250
Physical Attack115
Magic Power0
Physical Defense17
Magical Defense10
Attack Speed0.864
Hp Regen6.8
Mana Regen3.6

Nana Spells Build

Spells add an extra dimension to Nana’s skill set. The recommended spells for Nana are Flameshot and Flicker.

Nana Items Build

Empower Nana with the most potent items. Here’s how to make your hero stronger and increase your chances of victory.

Sustained DPS:

  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Magic Shoes
  • Glowing Wand
  • Necklace of Durance
  • Fleeting Time
  • Immortality


  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Magic Shoes
  • Glowing Wand
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Holy Crystal
  • Blood Wings

Team Buff:

  • Necklace of Durance
  • Demon Shoes – Encourage
  • Glowing Wand
  • Genius Wand
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Athena’s Shield

Pro Build (Recommend):

  • Arcane Boots
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Genius Wand
  • Glowing Wand
  • Holy Crystal
  • Divine Glaive

Effects items build

EffectsRecommend Items
Magic PowerEnchanted Talisman, Glowing Wand, Necklace of Durance, Fleeting Time, Lightning Truncheon, Ice Queen Wand, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, Genius Wand, Divine Glaive
Movement SPDMagic Shoes, Glowing Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Demon Shoes – Encourage, Genius Wand, Arcane Boots
Reduce Magic DefenseGenius Wand, Divine Glaive
ManaEnchanted Talisman, Necklace of Durance, Fleeting Time, Lightning Truncheon
CD ReductionEnchanted Talisman, Necklace of Durance, Fleeting Time, Lightning Truncheon
HPEnchanted Talisman, Glowing Wand, Necklace of Durance, Ice Queen Wand, Blood Wings, Athena’s Shield
HP RegenImmortality, Athena’s Shield
Spell VampIce Queen Wand

Nana Emblems Build

Emblems provide additional enhancements for Nana. The recommended emblem sets for Nana is Mage Emblems.

Nana Skill Order

Maximizing Nana’s skills is essential. The recommended skill order is Skill 1, Skill 3 -> Skill 2.

Effects from skills:

  • Passive (Molina’s Gift): Death, Immune.
  • Skill 1 (Magic Boomerang): AoE, Slow.
  • Skill 2 (Molina Smooch): CC, Debuff.
  • Skill 3 (Molina Blitz): Burst, CC.

Nana Combo

Mastering combos is crucial for Nana players. Here are some basic combos:

  1. Combo 1: Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 (deals heavy damage).
    • Molina Smooch -> Molina Blitz -> Magic Boomerang
  2. Combo 2: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3.
    • Molina Smooch -> Magic Boomerang -> Molina Blitz
  3. Combo 3: Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1.
    • Molina Blitz -> Molina Smooch -> Magic Boomerang

Nana Pros & Cons


  • All skills have a Slow effect.
  • Annoying CC capabilities.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Free immortality due to her passive.
  • Provides vision inside bushes.
  • Can transform enemies.
  • Versatile support hero.


  • Squishy.
  • Lacks a blink skill.
  • Relies on teammates for team fights.
  • Limited impact when alone.

Nana’s Rival & Teammates

Strong Against:

Weak Against:


Nana Play Strategy

Nana, a Mage/Support hero with excellent crowd control and free immortality, is ideal for the Mid lane. Here are some tips on how to play Nana effectively:


Early game (level 1-7):

  • Focus on supporting your laning partner and controlling enemies.
  • Utilize Skill 1 (Magic Boomerang) for slowing and damaging foes.

Mid game (level 8-12):

  • Continue providing crowd control and healing support for your team.
  • Prioritize items that increase mana regeneration and cooldown reduction.

Late game (level 13+):

  • Protect your team’s carry and provide crucial crowd control in team fights.

Nana Skills

Passive – Molina’s Gift:

  • When Nana receives fatal damage, all debuffs are removed, and she becomes untargetable and unkillable for 2 seconds, gaining 70% Movement Speed. She recovers 10% of her maximum health over time.

1. Skill 1 – Magic Boomerang:

  • Nana launches her magical boomerang, dealing Magic Damage to foes on the way out and back. Damage is reduced for each additional enemy hit.

2. Skill 2 – Molina Smooch:

  • Nana calls Molina to pursue nearby enemy heroes. The first enemy hit is transformed, slowed, and has their magic defense reduced.

3. Skill 3 – Molina Blitz:

  • Nana commands Molina to attack an area three times, dealing Magic Damage and slowing enemies. Repeated attacks stun enemies.

Nana’s abilities make her a valuable asset in Mobile Legends. Master her skills, adapt your strategy, and lead your team to victory in 2024.