Best Kimmy build 2024 | Emblems, Items, Strategy | Mobile Legends


I work hard to keep my Mobile Legends builds and guides updated and will help you craft the best Kimmy build for the meta. Learn more about Kimmy’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.


Hero TierC
Movement SPD245
Physical Attack90
Magic Power0
Physical Defense22
Magical Defense10
Attack Speed0.826
Hp Regen8
Mana Regen0

Kimmy Spells Build

  • Sprint
  • Flicker
  • Retribution

Kimmy Items Build

Sustained DPS:

  1. Genius Wand
  2. Arcane Boots
  3. Ice Queen Wand
  4. Concentrated Energy
  5. Holy Crystal
  6. Blood Wings

Physical DPS – Jungle:

  1. Berserker’s Fury
  2. Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots
  3. Scarlet Phantom
  4. Blade of Despair
  5. Concentrated Energy
  6. Divine Glaive

Burst – Jungle:

  1. Ice Queen Wand
  2. Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots
  3. Glowing Wand
  4. Concentrated Energy
  5. Divine Glaive
  6. Blood Wings

Pro Build (Recommend):

  1. Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots
  2. Genius Wand
  3. Glowing Wand
  4. Ice Queen Wand
  5. Holy Crystal
  6. Divine Glaive

Effects Items Build

EffectsRecommend Items
Magic PowerGenius Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Concentrated Energy, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, Divine Glaive, Glowing Wand
Movement SPDGenius Wand, Arcane Boots, Ice Queen Wand, Glowing Wand
Reduce Magic DefenseGenius Wand, Divine Glaive
HPIce Queen Wand, Concentrated Energy, Blood Wings, Glowing Wand
Spell VampIce Queen Wand, Concentrated Energy
Physical AttackBerserker’s Fury, Scarlet Phantom, Blade of Despair
Crit ChanceBerserker’s Fury, Scarlet Phantom
Attack SpeedScarlet Phantom
Movement SpeedBlade of Despair

Kimmy Skill Order

  • Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2.
1Energy Transformation
2Chemical Refinement
3Maximum Charge
4Energy Transformation
5Energy Transformation
6Maximum Charge
7Energy Transformation
8Chemical Refinement
9Chemical Refinement
10Energy Transformation
11Maximum Charge
12Chemical Refinement
13Energy Transformation
14Maximum Charge
15Chemical Refinement


  1. Combo 1: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1.
    • Energy Transformation -> Chemical Refinement -> Energy Transformation
  2. Combo 2: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3.
    • Energy Transformation -> Chemical Refinement -> Energy Transformation -> Maximum Charge

Kimmy Pros & Cons


  • Great damage.
  • Wide range of attacks.
  • Very OP in the early game.
  • Can attack while walking.
  • Hybrid attack (Physical & Magical).


  • Very hard to play.
  • Fragile durability.
  • Does not have attack speed.
  • Sluggish movement speed.
  • Attacks that require high accuracy.

Kimmy’s Rival & Teammates

Strong Against:

Weak Against:


Play Strategy

Kimmy is a Marksman/Mage with great damage, hybrid attack, and a wide range of attacks. You can use Kimmy for the Gold lane and Jungle.

Spells suitable for Kimmy

  • Sprint, Flicker, or Retribution for Kimmy Jungle and Sprint or Flicker for Kimmy Gold lane.

Update: Retribution -> Ice Retribution.

Items suitable for Kimmy

Magic Items:

  • Genius Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Concentrated Energy, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, Divine Glaive, Glowing Wand

Attack Items:

  • Berserker’s Fury, Scarlet Phantom, Blade of Despair

Movement Items:

  • Arcane Boots

If you like Kimmy sustained DPS:

  • Genius Wand, Arcane Boots, Ice Queen Wand, Concentrated Energy, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings.

If you like Kimmy physical DPS – jungle:

  • Berserker’s Fury, Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots, Scarlet Phantom, Blade of Despair, Concentrated Energy, Divine Glaive.

Kimmy burst – Jungle:

  • Ice Queen Wand, Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots, Glowing Wand, Concentrated Energy, Divine Glaive, Blood Wings.

If you like Kimmy pro build:

  • Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots, Genius Wand, Glowing Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Holy Crystal, Divine Glaive.

Kimmy Emblems

Mage emblems set:

  • Magic Power: +30.
  • Cooldown Reduction: +5%.
  • Magic Penetration: +8.

Best lane for Kimmy

Win/Ban/Pick Rate for Kimmy

  • Win Rate: 53.78%.
  • Pick Rate: 0.82%.
  • Ban Rate: 0.18%.

Kimmy best for rank

  • Warrior
  • Elite
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Epic
  • Legend

How to play Kimmy

If you can farm well and get ahead in the early game, you should be able to snowball and dominate in the mid and late game as well.

Kimmy’s Hybrid Damage stats allow her to bring sustained magic damage to her team from range.

Kimmy Tactics

Early game (level 1-7): Kimmy is powerful in the early game. You need to farm as much as possible and try to harass your opponents as much as possible.

Mid game (level 8-12): You should have your core items and be able to start dealing a significant amount of damage. In team fights, focus on positioning yourself in a safe location where you can deal damage to enemy heroes.

Late game (level 13+): You should focus on taking down enemy structures. Always stay with your team and position yourself safely during team fights.

Kimmy Skills

Passive – Chemist’s Instinct:

  • When utilizing her Spray Gun, Kimmy can walk around and aim in different directions, but her accuracy is frequently worse. Kimmy’s Spray Gun attack recovers 5 energy upon contact and deals Magic Damage per bullet (+22% Total Physical Attack) (+24% Total Magic Power). With increasing level, each bullet can inherit up to 115% of her attack effects, but only 75% of her magical lifesteal.
  • While firing, Kimmy won’t stop moving and won’t earn Attack Speed; instead, she’ll turn every 10% of Attack Speed she gains into 5 Movement Speed. Each time Kimmy kills an enemy, she regains 15 energy.

Energy TransformationSkill 1:

  • Hold: Each Chemical Bolt that Kimmy constantly fires into the target area costs 5 energy and deals 30 (+23%-28% Total Physical Attack) (+25%-30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to any enemies who are hit. Chemical Bolts will detonate at the end of their trajectories if they miss a target, causing the equivalent amount of damage to opponents nearby.
  • Although this skill has a critical hit potential, Kimmy’s spell vamp only receives a 40% bonus [and 75% magic life steal].

Chemical RefinementSkill 2:

  • Kimmy fires a more powerful Chemical Spray and then flies backward. When an enemy comes into touch with the Spray that has been left on the route, they will suffer 14–24 points of magic damage every 0.5 seconds (+30% total physical attack) and a 40% slowdown for 4 seconds.
  • When using this skill, Kimmy also receives a 30–40% energy restoration.

Maximum ChargeSkill 3:

  • Kimmy fires a Luminous Chemical Attack at a specific direction following a period of charging. When the missile hits an enemy (hero or creep) or reaches its maximum range, it explodes, dealing 130-260 (+100% total physical attack) -238-474 (+115% total magic attack) (+211% total magic power) damage. Magical damage dealt to the main target (scales with charging time) and 83% (5/6) damage dealt to opponents in the immediate area.
  • If this skill hits an enemy, Kimmy recovers 30 energy.