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work hard to keep my Mobile Legends builds and guides updated and will help you craft the best Esmeralda build for the meta. Learn more about Esmeralda’s abilities, Items, Emblems & Strategy.

Esmeralda Overview

SpecialtyRegen/Mixed Damage
Hero TierS+
Movement SPD240
Physical Attack114
Magic Power0
Physical Defense21
Magical Defense10
Attack Speed0.8
Hp Regen7.2
Mana Regen4

Esmeralda Spells Build

  • Flicker
  • Execute

Esmeralda Items Build

Sustained DPS:

  1. Enchanted Talisman
  2. Tough Boots
  3. Feather of Heaven
  4. Starlium Scythe
  5. Holy Crystal
  6. Blood Wings

Late-game Core:

  1. Clock of Destiny
  2. Magic Shoes
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Holy Crystal
  5. Divine Glaive
  6. Blood Wings


  1. Starlium Scythe
  2. Tough Boots
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Feather of Heaven
  5. Divine Glaive
  6. Holy Crystal

Pro Build (Recommend):

  1. Arcane Boots
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Blood Wings
  5. Feather of Heaven
  6. Genius Wand

Effects Items Build

EffectsRecommend Items
Magic PowerEnchanted Talisman, Feather of Heaven, Starlium Scythe, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, Clock of Destiny, Lightning Truncheon, Divine Glaive, Genius Wand
Movement SPDTough Boots, Magic Shoes, Arcane Boots, Genius Wand
Reduce Magic DefenseDivine Glaive, Genius Wand
ManaStarlium Scythe, Clock of Destiny, Lightning Truncheon
CD ReductionEnchanted Talisman, Feather of Heaven, Starlium Scythe, Lightning Truncheon
HPEnchanted Talisman, Blood Wings, Clock of Destiny
Mana RegenStarlium Scythe
Magic LifestealFeather of Heaven, Starlium Scythe
Attack SpeedFeather of Heaven

Esmeralda Skill Order

  • Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1.
1Stardust Dance
2Falling Starmoon
3Frostmoon Shield
4Stardust Dance
5Stardust Dance
6Falling Starmoon
7Stardust Dance
8Frostmoon Shield
9Frostmoon Shield
10Stardust Dance
11Frostmoon Shield
12Falling Starmoon
13Stardust Dance
14Frostmoon Shield
15Falling Starmoon


  1. Combo 1: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> AA.
    • Frostmoon Shield -> Stardust Dance
  2. Combo 2: Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> AA.
    • Frostmoon Shield -> Falling Starmoon -> Stardust Dance -> AA

Esmeralda Pros & Cons


  • Has a very strong shield.
  • Great damage.
  • Good escape mechanism skill.
  • Short skill cooldown.
  • High mobility.
  • Can sustain herself really well.
  • Unique abilities.
  • Easy to use.


  • Doesn’t have crowd control ability.
  • Vulnerable to stun.
  • Easy to hit the counter.
  • Susceptible to initiators with crowd control.
  • Difficult to farm.

Esmeralda’s Rival & Teammates

Strong Against:

Weak Against:


  • Must team up with Kadita, Balmond, Ruby.

Esmeralda Play Strategy

Esmeralda is a Mage/Tank with great damage, a strong shield, high mobility, and the ability to sustain herself. You can use Esmeralda for the EXP lane.

Spells suitable for Esmeralda

  • Flicker or Execute for Esmeralda EXP lane.

Items suitable for Esmeralda

Magic Items:

  • Enchanted Talisman, Feather of Heaven, Starlium Scythe, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings, Clock of Destiny, Lightning Truncheon, Divine Glaive, Genius Wand

Movement Items:

  • Tough Boots, Arcane Boots

If you like Esmeralda sustained DPS, you can use combo items: Enchanted Talisman, Tough Boots, Feather of Heaven, Starlium Scythe, Holy Crystal, Blood Wings.

If you like Esmeralda late-game core, you can use combo items: Clock of Destiny, Magic Shoes, Lightning Truncheon, Holy Crystal, Divine Glaive, Blood Wings.

If you like Esmeralda burst, you can use combo items: Starlium Scythe, Tough Boots, Lightning Truncheon, Feather of Heaven, Divine Glaive, Holy Crystal.

If you like Esmeralda pro build, you can use combo items: Arcane Boots, Clock of Destiny, Lightning Truncheon, Blood Wings, Feather of Heaven, Genius Wand.

Emblems suitable for Esmeralda

Support Emblems Set:

  • Healing Effect: +15%.
  • Cooldown Reduction: +10%.
  • Movement Speed: +6%.

Common Emblems Set:

  • Hybrid Regen: +12.
  • HP: +275
  • Adaptive Attack: +22.

Best lane for Esmeralda:

Mid Lane
Gold Lane

Win/Ban/Pick Rate for Esmeralda

  • Win Rate: 45.74%.
  • Pick Rate: 0.78%.
  • Ban Rate: 0.15%.

Esmeralda best for rank

  • Grandmaster
  • Epic
  • Legend
  • Mythic
  • Mythical Glory

How to play Esmeralda

Esmeralda is skilled at outlasting adversaries in duels. She has a great ability to engage and disengage, employing her abilities to retake adversaries after giving them shields.


Early game (level 1-7): Esmeralda can win fights and secure kills in the early game but should be careful not to overextend and get caught out.

Mid game (level 8-12): Try to focus on building your core items. It is the perfect time to shine on the battlefield.

Late game (level 13+): Esmeralda can start with her team or divide push objectives, compelling foes to approach her and stop her so she can fight them and relieve pressure on other parts of the map where her squad can push unopposed.

Esmeralda Skills

Passive – Starmoon Casket:

  • Esmeralda controls Frostmoon and Stardust. Frostmoon does Magic Damage and grants the target a shield equivalent to 135% of the damage done by Stardust. Stardust deals Physical Damage. Each Basic Attack causes 100 (+75% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Esmeralda’s damage ignores all shield defenses and progressively turns her shield into health points.

Frostmoon ShieldSkill 1:

  • Esmeralda receives a shield of 300–750 (+150% total magic power) and 40% movement speed, both of which swiftly degrade for four seconds. In the meantime, she gradually turns the shields of her close adversaries into a shield of her own that is limited to 50% of her maximum health.

Stardust DanceSkill 2:

  • Stardust and Frostmoon are waved by Esmeralda, dealing 240–440 (+60% Total Magic Power). Physical harm and +120% Total Magic Power and 300-550 Physical Injury Magical harm to opponents in the area. The enemy’s Movement Speed is decreased by 10% for 1.5 seconds each time she deals damage to a hero, and the cooldown of Frostmoon Shield is shortened by 1.5 seconds (damaging non-hero units shortens the cooldown by 0.5 seconds).

Falling StarmoonSkill 3:

  • [Hold:] In order to create her two weapons, Stardust and Frostmoon, Esmeralda must combine the power of Astrospace. The power will increase as the duration increases.
  • [Release:] Esmeralda blinks to the target position and spells Frostmoon, delivering 350-650 (+140% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and immobilizing nearby opponents for one second. Stardust deals 350-650 (+90% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage at the target spot.