best brawlers in brawl stars-without star power

hey everyone what is up and we are back with another blog and in today’s blog we are going to discuss, some best brawlers for brawl stars that can work even without star power,

this list can be useful when you are playing power, not only this but also in the challenges, they can work literally amazing without star power, but that doesn’t mean that they are not good with star power.

keep in mind that these brawlers need to be at level 9 to play with them., also you need gadgets available

let’s jump into it…

Best Brawler without Star Power:

1. darryl: best brawler

Darryl is known for his high damage dealing shots and quickly moves to the enemy with his super, Darryl is a gadget dependent brawler which means he needs his gadgets to be playable against other brawlers, also he needs to be on level 9 since he takes to fight in close range and he is a tanky brawler, but the low level can make him less tanky

if you don’t have his gadget then try to tar barrel gadget from the shop if available that is one of the most used gadgets for Darryl and probably the best in the gadget for him.

2. carl:

after the rework in his gadget heat ejector, you will see barely any player playing with carl, his heat ejector gadget with his super lets him deal so much damage at once that people use him in heist and siege just to deal a high amount of damage, but after the nerf in his range and gadget pro players still use him, and the best part is that you don’t his star power, he is still playable all you need is master his pickaxe once you mastered then one can stop you, his star power is good to have but still if you don’t have any problem

3. jacky:

jacky is a tanky close-range brawler, she deals massive damage with his super and after the rework in his super, she is an amazing brawler in-game modes like gem grab or knockout, all you need is her speed gadget, and the map which she is compatible she is mostly compatible in maps where there is a lot of walls and bushes her star power counter crush is really good in map maker but not that much good in competitive maps and hardy hats just let you deal 10% less damage by the enemy shot which is good but if you don’t have it’s not a problem.

4. frank: best brawler

Frank is known for his tackyness and his stunning super, he can charge his super easily and after the introduction of damage trade which lets brawlers charge super by getting shot by enemy brawler, he is in meta and much more playable, especially in game modes where walls breaking is important or stopping the enemy from going back, like brawl ball, and gem grab.

his 2nd gadget is pretty good, but his first gadget is enemy brawler dependent, and his second-star power just lets you get an extra 1000, which is amazing but not so important that he cannot be played without that.

5. bea:

bea is a very powerful brawler if you how to play with her and her second shot after her first shot get hit by the brawler is so damaging that, you can literally decrease the health by 50% of any brawler and can two shots by most of the brawlers, like tick crow, etc…

her gadget honey molasses is so amazing, that you just have to place her gadget behind the walls and play the game although he needs some kind of shield which and also aiming is a bit hard, if you aim properly and play defensive then you don’t need any of the star power.

6. ash:

ash is also a tank brawler like frank, and pretty much perform an attack similar to frank and bibi, but his rage meter makes him totally different from these brawlers, and with his gadget, you can use his gadget as an instant health loader which is pretty amazing for game modes like gem grab, bounty, showdown.

although he needs his star power to make him powerful I feel like can be played without star power too, and the reason is his rage meter, which makes him so powerful, that if you play properly then there is no way you will lose…

check more brawlers here:

thank you for reading…

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